Registered Professional Geologist in Mexico #440771

BIRTHDATE: September 15, 1947
PERSONAL DATA: Height: 5' 4", Weight 140 lbs. Health excellent.
Married, three children.

OFFICE: Minera Cascabel, S.A. de C.V.
Av. Trece No.100, Col. Bugambilias
Hermosillo, Sonora 83140
Tel. (662) 215-7477, or 210-6058, or 210-4484
Fax (662) 215-8622


LANGUAGES: Fluent in Spanish and English

1988-PRESENT: Director General of Minera Cascabel, S.A. de C.V., a privately held Mexican company formed to explore for precious metal, polymetallic and non-metallic deposits in Mexico and theWestern U.S. on a contract and/or finder’s fee basis. Consulting geological services throughout Mexico are also provided through CASCABEL. Also owns a privately held geological service company based in Hermosillo, Sonora and involved with diamond drilling and contract mining. Presently Porfirio is Vice President of Asociación de Mineros de Sonora, A.C. and person in charge of field trips for AIMMGMAC, Distrito Sonora.


04/88 - 06/89
Contractor for mining and loading heap-leach pads for Cia. MINERA DE MINAS NUEVAS, a Mexican subsidiary of TERRA MINES LTD. And operator of the "La Amelia" sediment-hosted Au deposit located in the Cucurpe Area Sonora, Mexico. Also conducted exploration drilling.

12/87 - 03/88
Diamond drilling contractor for SERVICIOS INDUSTRIALES PEÑOLES in the Alamos District, Sonora.

Preliminary geologic study of gold deposits in quartzites located in the Guaymas District, Sonora.

In charge of percussion drilling program following initial geological investigations of gold prospects in the Guaymas District, Sonora.

Representative for negotiations for two mining concessions in the State of Sonora and preliminary geological evaluation of the "La Barranca" area located in the Soyopa District, Sonora.

Geological investigation of gold placer deposits in the State of Sonora.

Geological studies leading to a reinterpretation of the mineralization potential in the Copala Ag-Au vein District, Sinaloa. Economic evaluation of same area.

Preliminary study for Cia. MINERA ZAPATA, S. De R.L. de C.V., a Mexicansubsidiary of PHELPS DODGE, of some mining claims belonging to Cia. La Gran Via Minera, located in the Bacanora District, Sonora. Geological mapping at 10:000 scale and sampling of the mineralized areas.

Preliminary evaluation of a quartz vein with economic Au-Ag mineralization in the Bacuachi District, Sonora. Mapping of underground workings and surface surveying, also extensive sampling of veins and dumps.

Metallurgical mining operation developed by myself in the area of placers and paleo-placers in the Trincheras Mining District, Altar desert region, Sonora. Tunneling development, surface and underground geological mapping (El Boludo and El Puerto de Camu), and recuperation of free gold using dry gravimetric methods and dry washers.

KENNECOTT MINERALS CORP. Preliminary evaluation of an interformational breccia with economic Au mineralization in the Altar Desert, Sonora Geological mapping at 1:1000 scale and surface geochemistry.

KENNECOTT MINERAL CORP. Resampling and reinterpretation of the low-angle structure in association with disseminated gold mineralization in the Pre-Cambrian rocks exposed throughout the Altar Desert, Sonora.

KENNECOTT MINERALS CORP. Surface geochemistry of the "El Alacran" structure located in the Bolaños District, Jalisco. Work led to drill targets proven through subsequent drilling.

KENNECOTT MINERALS CORP. Calculation of reserves and geological re-interpretation of the mineralized orebodies along the "El Alacran" structure on property controlled by CIA. MINERA BOLAÑOS in the BolañosDistrict, Jalisco.

KENNECOTT MINERALS CORP. Regional exploration throughout the State of Sonora for large-tonnage, low-grade gold deposits.

KENNECOTT MINERALS CORP. Consulting in the Bolaños Mining District, Jalisco. Designed underground diamond drilling program for the El Alacran Mine.

KENNECOTT MINERAL CORP. Preliminary evaluation of a low-angle structure associated with disseminated Au in small veinlet-stockworks present in Pre-Cambrian rocks. Geological mapping of underground workings at 1:1000 scale and surface mapping at 1:10,000 scale. Extensive sampling of both underground and surface.

KENNECOTT MINERAL CORP. Preliminary evaluation of the Mulatos Mining District, Sonora. Large tonnage, low-grade Au deposit associated with fractures and veinlets in altered Tertiary volcanic rocks.

KENNECOTT MINERALS CORP. Regional exploration in the Altar Desert, Sonora. Location and sampling of low-angle structures associated with disseminated Au mineralization in Pre-Cambrian rocks.

KENNECOTT MINERALS CORP. Training in the Mojave Desert in Southern California. Orientation on "Mesquite-type" disseminated Au mineralization thought to be associated with low-angle structures in Pre-Cambrian rocks.

KENNECOTT MINERALS CORP. Project geologist in Choco, Colombia, South America. Evaluation of an Au-bearing Cu-Massive sulfide deposit. Geological mapping underground at 1:250 scale and surface mapping at 1:10,000 scale. Underground and surface surveying. In charge of underground and surface diamond drilling. Geochemical surveys included surface sampling and regional stream sediments. Geophysical surveys included Induced Polarization and Resistivity, and both Conventional and Electro-Magnetics. The Colombian office also located some Au-placers in the Bajo Cuaco and evaluated some high-grade, low-tonnage gold mines.

BEAR CREEK MINING COMPANY. Partial economic evaluation of an epithermal Au, Ag, Cu, Pb, Zn mineralized quartz vein system located in the Panuco District, Sinaloa. Mapping and surface sampling at both 1:500 and 1:12,500 scales. Also, mapping and sampling underground at 1:500 scale.

BEAR CREEK MINING COMPANY. Preliminary evaluation of a mineralized volcanic breccia containing Au and Ag and located in the San Ignacio District, Sinaloa. Mapping and sampling on the surface using a compass and tape at 1:1000 scale.

BEAR CREEK MINING COMPANY. Project geologist at a stockwork porphyry molybdenum ore body in the Concordia District, Sinaloa. In charge of diamond core drilling, core logging and orebody sampling.

MINERALES BOLAÑOS, S.A. DE C.V. Preliminary investigation of the Au, Ag, Cu, Pb, Zn-bearing epithermal quartz vein system in the San Sebastian del Oeste Mining District, Jalisco. Surface mapping at 1:5000 scale; underground mapping and sampling of workings at 1:5000 scale.

BEAR CREEK MINING COMPANY. Evaluation of disseminated Au-Ag deposit hosted in Carbonates in the San Pedro Hill District, San Luis Potosi.

BEAR CREEK MNINING COMPANY. Project geologist in the Bolaños District, Jalisco. In charge of drilling, description of drill holes;development of underground workings, sampling of drill holes and underground workings; development of access roads, topographical survey with plane table and alidade at 1:500 scale; mapping of underground workings at 1:500 scale as well as logistics and payroll for the entire project.

FLUORITA DE MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V. Economic evaluation of a porphyry-type stockwork molybdenum property in the Moris District, Chihuahua. Geological mapping geochemical sampling and interpretation at 1:5000 scale.

FLUORITA DE MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V. Economic evaluation of a porphyry tungsten-molybdenum property in the Morelos District, Chihuahua. Topographical survey with plane table and alidade at 1:400 scale. Geological mapping, geochemical sampling and interpretation at both 1:5000 and 1:400 scales.

Economic evaluation of a Ag-Pb mineralized vein system in the Cumpas District, Sonora. Mapping at 1:250 scale and sampling and surveying the underground workings with a compass and tape.

Beginning of my activities as a consulting geologist.

English studies at the University of Arizona, Tucson.

SERVICIOS INDUSTRIALES PEÑOLES. Involved in numerous projects over seven years.
Economic evaluation of a Ag, Cu, Pb, Zn-bearing skarn deposit located in the Reforma Unit in Chihuahua State.

PEÑOLES. Project geologist at an Au, Cu, Pb, Zn-bearing skarn deposit in the Cosala District, Sinaloa. Mapping at 1:2500 scale; description and sampling of drill holes, geochemical sampling.

PEÑOLES. Prospecting abandoned Ag, Au and Pb mines near the city of Hermosillo, Sonora.

Presentation of Professional Exam to obtain the Title of Geologist.

PEÑOLES. Project geologist for program at the Pb-Zn deposits located in the Moctezuma District, Sonora. Surface mapping and geochemical sampling at 1:2000 and 1:5000 scales; description and sampling of drill holes; mapping a geochemical sampling of underground workings.

PEÑOLES. Mapping and sampling of underground workings located in the Opodepe District, Sonora.

Research for Professional thesis submitted under the title "LAS ROCAS IGNEAS DE LA SIERRA DE SAN CARLOS, TAMAULIPAS". This work covered an area of 1,600 square kilometers at a 1:50,000 scale.

PEÑOLES. Geological surveying with plane table and alidade at 1:1000 scale of area containing Au, Ag, Pb, Zn veins in the Altar Desert region, Sonora. Also mapping and sampling of extensive underground workings.

PEÑOLES. Mapping of porphyry Cu, Mo, WO3 orebody at 1:2500 scale in the Yecora District, Sonora.

Training program covering the porphyry environment in the State of Arizona, USA. Visited numerous deposits during this month-long field study.

PEÑOLES. Industrial minerals project geologist for feldspar in the "Sierra de San Carlos, Tamaulipas". Regional exploration for feldspar, limestone and dolomite in the States of Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon and San Luis Potosi.

PEÑOLES. Mapping of a dolomite orebody at 1:2000 scale in the State of Coahuila.

PEÑOLES. Geological surveying, geochemical sampling and topographical surveying on a Au, Ag, Pb, Cu, Zn exploration program in the State of Guerrero. Project was subsequently drilled as a result of this work.

PEÑOLES. Photo interpretation, verification and surveying out sections with a plane table and alidade at a scale of 1:50,000. Joint project with students from UNAM and PEMEX geologist covering a 2000 Km2 area in the State of Coahuila.

PEÑOLES. Geological mapping and geochemical sampling for Au, Ag, Cu, Pb, Zn at 1:25,000 scale in the southern par of the State of Durango.

PEÑOLES. Draftsman in Mexico city office.

PEÑOLES. Various experience included mapping and geochemical sampling at 1:1000 scale using a plane table and alidade, as well as supervising a drilling program for Au, Ag, Cu, Pb, Zn on a vein-type target in Jalisco State.


Associacion de Ingenieros de Minas, Metalurgistas y Geologos de Mexico, A.C. Seccion Sonora (Field Trip Organizer)  S.M.E./A.I.M.E., Sociedad Geologica Mexicana, Asociación de Mineros de Sonora, A.C. (Vice President).