Was Copperstone and active in Mexico back in 1996-1998 timeframe. Interests may now largely be in Nevada NW of Elko on its' PAR property and Cornucopia Project. As of June 16, 2003 interests were in oil & gas sector and was involved in exploratin in OK and TX..

Bonanza Resources Corporation                [BRS:TSX-V]

Originally changed its name from Copperstone Resources Corporation to Consolidated Copperstone Resources Corp. along with a 1 for 4 share consolidation on 9Dec98. Changed name to Bonanza Silver Corporation with no additional consolidation of capital  on 10Mar00. Subsequently rolled back 1 for 3 with name change to Bonanza Explorations Inc. on 7Sep01, and once more with another 1 for 3 rollback on 29May 02 to Bonanza Resources Corporation. (That comes out to a 1 for 36 rollback from vintage 1998 Copperstone shares)  

Ruedas Concessions
, Zacatecas. Two concessions optioned at 50% level from Exploraciones Picacho S.A. de C.V. totaling 50,000 ha are located 30 km ENE of Fresnillo. Mr. Tawn Albinson is chief geologist for Picacho and has joined the Board of Directors of Copperstone. Vein, skarn and VMS are all viable targets on this property which is underlain by older basement Mesozoic age volcanics and sediments covered by Tertiary felsic and mafic volcancs. Three prospective zones have been identified: La Nopalera, Los Hernandez and Chupaderos. Airborne magnetics and radiometrics, a total of 2,800 line km, have been completed on western portions of concession. This has been combined with ground magnetics, mapping and sampling. in Chilitos Formation volcanics. Ground IP scheduled for January with drilling by April, 1999. Gravity survey completed in January, 1999 where six areas were surveyed on a grid pattern with 250m spacing. . In addition to the conventional Chillitos Formation VMS targets, the Ruedas concessions hold the Chupaderos epithermal precious metal targets which are Fresnillo and Zacatecas District analogues..

GCN #16 25Jan99
GCN #234 7Dec98
GCN #202 21Oct98
LAMR March, 1998
News Release 98-01, 25Feb98

Nuevo Lucifer Concession, BCS. Copperstone was trying to demonstrate the excellent potential for a stand-alone Cu-Co mine on this claim. Had drilled 32 holes by end of 1996 and did for 15 more in early '97. Presently discussions are underway to finance additional drilling on the Lucifer property and surrounding Nuevo Lucifer concession Minera Autlan optioned it's Lucifer Mine to Copperstone. Project now being evaluated as "Combined Lucifer Project". Drilling to resume shortly. Autlan maintains rights to market ore grade Mn dioxide. Proven reserves of Mn carbonates are in excess of 30 years.

GCN #194 8Oct97
CSW 2May97
Advertisement in LAMR March, 1997

Planned Canmex, Copperstone, Island-Arc merger cancelled, but Copperstone will cooperate with Canmex in exploration of El Boleo Cu-Co District, Baja California Sur. Copperstone holds an option to earn in up to 80% in certain claims held by Island-Arc who is the operator of this project for Copperstone. Good Cu-Co values drilled in fall of 1995 and spring of 1996. Concessions include Nuevo Infierno (1227 ha) and Nuevo Lucifer (940 ha) in the NW part of district which includes the San Carlos Basin. Also the San Luciano, Purgatorio, Infierno, Lucifer claims. Has entered into several 50/50 JV cooperation agreements with Canmex to jointly explore in Boleo Area to the SE at the 9631 San Bruno JV Area and to the NW at the El Carrizo JV area.

CSW 21Feb97
NMN v82 #30 09/23/96
GCN #179 16Sep96
GCN #97 17May96
CSW 26Apr96
MBD April, 96
LAMR, v3, #5 May 96
LAMR, v3, #4 Apr. 96

Planned 1997 program at Boleo started in Feb. 13 consisted of 15 holes averaging 100m deep on the Nuevo Lucifer concession. Budget $450,000. This is a follow-up on the thick intercepts of Cu-Co intercepted near the old Lucifer Mn (now under option) mine in the 1995 and 1996 programs. Island-Arc maintains a 20% carried interest in these claims. Permits to drill Nuevo Lucifer concession in the SW corner of the Boleo District received in September now looking for financing.

GCN #176 12Sep97
CSW 21Feb97
GCN #28 10Feb97
GCN #16 23Jan97
CSW 17Jan97