Changed name to EAV Ventures Corporation on December 10, 1998 1 new share for 5 old shares. No longer in mining sector. Adios Muchachos!!

ESM Resources Ltd.

Name originally changed from Emerald Star Mining Explorations Ltd. 01/20/95 upon consolidation of shares on a 3.5 to 1 basis.

Appointed Brian Hillhouse as investor relations. Company's consulting geologist is Lawrence Sookochoff and consulting geophysicist is David G. Mark. Holds major real estate position in the Sierra Madres now covering more than 65,000 hectares. Peter Leriche of Reliance Geological Services contracted mapping and sampling work on behalf of the company. Dr. Phil Goodell of UTEP on advisory board. According to Peter Leriche (Randol Convention, Jan99) a portion of these concessions are now optioned out to Tres-Or Minerals. This was confirmed in GCN #13 20Jan99.

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Precioso Group, Chihuahua Properties. Control over 50,000 hectares in Chihuahua with work programs in place. These include El Jazmin (40,000 ha.), El Rubi (2300 ha.), El Oasis (2320 ha.), El Dorado (2320 ha.). Located around 75 km N of El Sauzal and 25 km N of Francisco Gold's La Guitarra Property. Property dispute resolved in ESM's favor and several claims re-named under "Encino 2" claim. Revised claim map presented in GCN. Area consists of same Lower Volcanic Series andesites found throughout Sierra Madre.

GCN #147 31Jul98
GCN #140 22Jul98
GCN #31 13Feb98
GCN #21 30Jan98

El Jazmin, Chihuahua. Part of Precioso Group above. Initial results on El Jazmin include multiple chip samples over 3.0 to 5.0 m widths that run in the 100 ppb to several gram Au range with very low Ag values. These come from the "Naranjo Zone" which is a 500 by 800m NS/35E dipping fault bounded altered wedge of rhyolite between tuffaceous volcanics. Silicification, quartz veinlets and pyrite are common. Optioned 100% interest in this property (subject to 3% nsr) to Tres-Or Resources in January, 1999. Tres-Or picks up underlying option payments, taxes etc. and commits to a work program. VSE approved deal in March, 1999.

CSW 15Jan99

El Zafiro property, Chihuahua. Optioned 300 Ha from Hunter Exploration Group belongs grouped with the above set..

GCN #153 11Aug98
GCN #134 14Jul98

Picacho and Los Picachos Properties, Chihuahua. Optioned total of 402.5 Ha from Seguro Projects Inc. (Donald and Lana Simon) also are in the vicinity of the precioso Grouping of claims..

GCN #154 12Aug98

Tres Amigos Property, Chihuahua. Optioned 24,000 addtional Ha in Chihuahua (from Cream Minerals?) located 17 km S of  San Francisco Gold's El Sauzal  Property. Subject to a 3% nsr (which can be re-purchsed),  cash payments totaling $2,950,000 over 42 months (most out the back end) and work committments totaling just $350,000 over 3 yrs   The property lies at the junction of the Sinaforsa and Urique lineaments. Somebody (and it is not The Old Prospector) got paid a $7,500 finder's fee for this transaction. (Just over 10% of total costs go into the ground?).

Press Release 17Dec97

Lluvia del Oro Group, Chihuahua. Lluvia de Oro concesion is 9,600 ha. with epithermal Au-Ag style mineralization located adjacent to and E of Minefinder's Dolores property. Two major fault structures are located on the property and the unit hosting ore at Dolores is thought to project out under a cover of gravels.

E-mail to IMDEX on 1Dec97

La Neri property located 10 km NE of Nuevo Ideal, Durango. Optioned 100% of 975 ha. around 100 mi N of Durango from Synergy Mines. Sookochoff consultants suggested IP would delineate vein system and this was completed by March, '97. Six IP lines were over a 550m length with 12.5m dipole spacing to evaluate a postulated 2m wide epithermal vein system some 830 m in length. Three anomalous zones were identified. Drilled it. Best intercept was 2.9 grams Au over 0.61m. Non-Economic. Bailed. 'Nuf said.

E-mail to IMDEX on 1Dec97
GCN #144 28Jul97
GCN #136 16Jul97
LAMR April, 1997
CSW 7Mar97
CSW 16Jan97
CSW 22Mar96