Took a $13.8 million dollar write-down on sale of Paredonnes Amarillos on annual books in fiscal year 1999 and hasn't been seen much since down south of the border.

Echo Bay Mines Limited   ECO   (TSE)  

Also listed as ECO on AMEX, MSE and Paris, Brussels, Zurich, Geneva, Frankfort, Duseldorf and Berlin.

Paredonnes Amarillos Project in Baja California Sur. Initially owned 60% of 12,750 ha project with the new and improved Viceroy (merged Baja / Loki / Viceroy company) owning the remaining 40%. Sold this 60% to Viceroy Resource Corporation on 18Oct99 and  took a $13.8 million dollar write-down on sale on annual books in fiscal year 1999. Basically they worked out a deal where Echo Bay could get some consideration for a decommissioned SAG unit of Viceroy's

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Dolores Project, Chihuahua. Was initially a 60/40 Echo Bay / Minefinders JV but Echo Bay sold their option back to Minefinders for cash and shares to now hold around 25% of Minefinders outstanding shares. What this boils down to is Echo Bay got 25% of Dolores' 1.6 MM eAu ozs (plus Minefinders other interests) for about $6.8 MM vs the original deal of 60% of just the Dolores Property for somewhere around $19 MM.

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