Freewest's website doesn't list anything going on in Mexico as of March 2002. Company seems focused on the Great White North in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.

Freewest Resources Canada Inc.     [FWR:TSX-V] 

Back in the mid 1990's Freewest participated in a country-wide prospecting JV that was 70 % Freewest and 30% Nordic Gold Corporation.

La Concepcion Au-Ag breccia pipe. Drilling was planned, but no news ever surfaced.

GCN #74 18Apr95

Magenta Property, Sinaloa. A 10,000 acre Ni-Co-Au property in eastern Sinaloa which completely surrounds Santa Cruz Gold Corporation's El Escobal Project, a former Au producer which last operated in the 1960's. Soil geochem, mapping, trenching in 1996 was followed by airborne geophysics.

CMH 1998-1999
WWW info 14Apr96