This was a private outfit based in Tucson promoting a Cu-Au property in Sonora.

HA & GA Holdings Llc. 

Privately held company which controls 100% of Mexican registered mining company Cia. Minera La Lolita S.A. de C.V.

La Lolita, Sonora. Property is located 16 km SSE of El Realito on the Rio Yaqui in the San Javier Mining District. Formerly known as the Rio Yaqui Mine of the National Bank Mine. Land package consists of 800 ha. Anaconda Copper Company report dating from 1962 claims a potential ore-body in the order of 16 M tons of Cu-Au mineralization is hosted in a rhyolitic tuff flow breccia.

WWW info used to be available at www.ha-and-ga.com/
LAMR April 1997