Jaguar is soon to become Advectus and leave the mining sector for medical technonogy.

Jaguar International Equities Inc.   J   (CDNX)

Changed name from International Jaguar Equities Inc along with a 1 new for 5 old share rollback on 02/07/00. Presently considering another name change to coincide with a departure from the mining sector altogether. Advectus Life Sciences is proposed as the new name for Jaguar International Equities Inc. (CDNX: J). Advectus has entered into an option agreement to acquire the exclusive worldwide "field of use" license for the use of nanoparticles for the delivery of approved cancer fighting drugs across the blood brain barrier for the treatment of brain tumors. This technology is protected under U.S. patent.

Santa Rosa Project, Zacatecas. Acquired mill tailings and mine dumps in Zacatecas District (subject to 5% nsr and 30% npr) and has 1st right of refusal on underlying 21 mineral concessions.

GCN #233 3Dec96
CMH 1996-1997
GCN #89 7May96