Jonpol doesn't list any active work n Mexico in CMH 2001-2002. looks like it hasn't been active down south since the mid '90's.

Jonpol Explorations Limited   JON   (TSE)

Held 49% interest in Ag-Pb prospect located in the E part of Durango City. Partner holding 51% is Minera y Metalurgica de Pozuelos S.A. de C.V. Planned DD in Feb., 1996. Jonpol jointly controls Aumex S.A. de C.V. along with T&H Resources. Aumex in turn controls the La Dura and La Viruela properties in eastern Sonora, near Mulatos. (Leased same to San Fernando in 1993. Part of a syndicate that controls a 2000 acre property adjacent to (surrounding?) the Piedras Verdes Cu-oxide deposit near Alamos, Sonora (PD/AZCO).

NMN 12/11/95
NMN 06/05/95
NMN 10/25/93
NMN 10/19/92