A Bert Applegath company which was initially active in Mexico early in the game in 1991-1993. Presently Kalahari's interests appear to be: 1) diamonds in NWT, 2) Au in the Abitibi Region and 3) Au in Arizona. Interest in Mexico appears to have waned after big area play in central Mexico around the time of the San Nicolas VMS discovery.

Kalahari Resources   KLA   (VSE)

Major Player in Zacatecas: Faja de Plata project land grab in response to massive sulfide discovery at San Nicolas. Project manager is Kevin McAndrews. As of August 25, 1998 a total of 12 Geomex concessions covered 3,300,000 acres. Considering time and costs to hold ground Kalajari recently reduced to "hot spots" it has already identified. These were acquired by Kalahari taking control of 100% of the issued shares of Caldera Gold Ltd., a private company which held the Geomex Group. Multiple geophysical targets are included in the package. Regional compilation of geophysics, TM imagery and geochem and other data underway. Kalahari's gravity database consists of over 55,000 readings. Kalajari have also JV'ed other real estate with a variety of partners including Global Mineral & Chemical Ltd., Thunderbird Projects Ltd., Sunstate Resources Ltd., Augusta Gold Corp., Western Copper Holdings, Goldwater Resources, Consolidated Sarabat Gold Corp. to name a few. Various of these JV's have since been terminated (see details below).

GCN #16 25Jan99 (Faja de Plata Progress Report with map)
GCN #2 5Jan99 (Faja de Plata Progress Report with map)
GCN #163 25Aug98
GCN #135 15Jul98
GCN #38 24Feb98
GCN #32 16Feb98
GCN #29 11Feb98

Geomex 8 Concession, Aguascalientes. Joint-venture partner Western Copper Holdings is exploring large regional concession which includes both the El Varal and La Tomatina windows located 10 km WNW of Aguascalientes. La Tomatina is about 1 square mile and lies on a 5 sq mi gravity high. Rocks in the window are mafic volcanics interbedded with greywackes. Age dates are correlative to hangingwall sequence at San Nicolas.

GCN #16 25Jan99 (Faja de Plata Progress Report with map)

Geomex 6 Concession, Zacatecas. Joint-venture partner Western Copper Holdings is exploring 94,282 ha concession which encircles the northern half of the Leon-Guanajuato Mineral Reserve where Noranda, Golden Temple, IMMSA and Penoles are actively exploring for VMS, Cu-Au porphyry and replacement targets. Golden Temple has their ground (which they refer to as the Apolo/Venus Property) optioned out to Noranda. Noranda plans drilling 3Q99. The original Geomex 6 ground has been reduced to three claims totaling 37,174 ha. 

Press Release 23Sep99
GCN #202 21Oct98

Geomex 4 Concession, Zacatecas. initially optioned 50% interest in a 1.5 million acre concession to Goldwater Resources Ltd in 11/98 subject to VSE approval. Some of the best regional gravity anomalies lie on this ground. Goldwater terminated it's interest in 3Q99 and Kalahari reduced the concession size to 215,000 acres. The reduced acreage has 25 target areas for further exploration. Kalahari is presently negotiating with seven major companies for a new  JV of the reduced Geomex 4

Press Release 23Sep99
GCN #211 3Nov98

Caldera I, II, IIIA, IIIB and IV concessions, Pinos District, Zacatecas. Located just N and NE of town of Pinos. Caldera IIIA &B is additional 4457 acres, which will be held 50/50 with Global Mineral and Chemical Ltd. Caldera IV which represents an additional 9884 acres will be held 50/50 with Thunderbird Projects Ltd. Letter of intent to earn 50% interest in Sunstate Resources Inc option on this 8000 hectare ground covering Caldera I and II. however these two claims were returned to Kalajari by Sunstate Resources Ltd. in December, 1998.

GCN #1 4Jan99
GCN #21 30Jan98
GCN #20 29Jan98

Back in the early days around '90-'91. Optioned Nano Property and adjacent Mina Verde, 40 km N of Alamos, Sonora from Northern Crown Resources in 1991-1992. Optioned La Parrando Manto Project, 12 mi N of Chihuahua City to Kennecott as early as mid-1991. Site of old La Leona Pb-Zn-Ag workings and massive sulfide replacement target. Controlled La Currita Au Project in Chuihuahua. Kalahari Resources and related Applegath company High Frontier had dropped all their interests in Mexico by May, 1993 and re-entered in 1997 as part of the Zacatecas staking rush resulting from the Teck/Western Copper El Salvador/San Nicolas VMS discovery.

GCN #234 6Dec95
MBD May, 1993
MBD August, 1992
NMN v77, #17 07/01/91