Mt. Tom Minerals changed its name on October 21, 1999 to Global Net Entertainment Corp share for share and is no longer in the mining sector. Adios Muchachos!!!

Mt. Tom Minerals Corp.  MTK   (TSX)

Changed name from Westmount Resources Ltd. on 20May98 along with a 2:1 share consolidation. Evidently company is now going internet and plans to change name to Global Net Entertainment Corp. upon regulatory approval. 

Press Release 9Aug99
CMH 1998-1999

Santa Maria de Otaez District, Durango. Entered into arms length agreement with Synergy Mines Ltd to acquire three concessions totaling 14,411 ha for payment of $850,000 cash and incurring $1.05 million exploration expenditures by 01/31/99 and giving a 1% nsr to Synergy. The claims are reportedly in a caldera-type setting and are known as: El Rincon (4767 ha), Ampl. de Los Asoleados (8860 ha) and Ampl. El Arco (926 ha). Present operating mines in adistrict include: El Herrero (Bacis), La Prieta, La Trinidad and Santa Cruz. Includes Cuapa Mine which is reportedly an epithermal Au-Ag vein system. The structure is 20m wide and estimated 2 km in strike.

CSW 30May97
CSW 28Feb97
CSW 14Feb97

Maguarichic Au-Ag District, Chihuahua. Property located in the Barranca country of western Chihuahua up near Creel and San juanito. Entered into arms length agreement to acquire 3000 ha property position in historic high-grade vein camp as well as contiguous 20,000 ha regional land holding. 120 due diligence entered into in 2Q97. .

CSW 25Apr97