Nu-Vision Resource Corp. changed its name from Visionary Mining Corporation on July 11, 2001 along with a 12 to 1 rollback of shares.

Nu-Vision Resource Corp.   NVC   (TSXV)

Works in Mexico through 100% owned subsidiary Elephante de Oro S.A. de C.V.

Au-Ag-Cu concession, Sonora/Chihuahua. Evidently landsat work (see below) resulted in one 14,000 hectare concession overlapping the Son/Chih border.

CMH 2002-2003

Sierra Madre Landsat Gold Play
, Chihuahua. Through finders fee agreement with Phelps-MacKenzie Syndicate has tied up a 450,000 ha. land package in Chihuahua prospective for Au-Ag-Cu targets. This includes 17 claim groups in 8 areas that go from near Minefinder's Dolores Property down to NE of Batopilas. Work based on LANDSAT imagery done by Remote Sensing Enterprises Inc. of Fullerton CA centered on Ocampo district. Another 100,000 ha were staked bring total holdings in Sierra Madres to around 285,000 ha. PMS will receive $30,000 cash, 200,000 shares and retain a 2% nsr. George P. Phelps is company's geological consultant.

CMH 1998-1999
GCN #159 9Aug97 (Claim groupings shown on map)
GCN #66 7Apr97 (Claim groupings shown on map)
CSW 28Feb97
CSW 17Jan97
NMN 10/28/96
CSW 4Nov96