Fording is the parent company of Minera Nyco S.A. de C.V., one of world's largest wollastonite producers based in Sonora.

Nyco Minerals    (wholly-owned subsidiary of Fording Coal Limited)

Pilares Wollastonite Property, Sonora. Purchased a wollastonite property near Hermosillo, Sonora via it's Mexican subsidiary Minera Nyco S.A. NYCO Minerals (a wholly owned subsidiary of Fording Coal Ltd.), NYCO is North America's largest wollastonite producer. Plans $100M improvement to facility that came on-line in 1997. Construction on mine & processing plant completed in early 1997. Wollastonite demand is at record levels in 1997 and Mexico's output will be boosted to over 200,000 tonnes per year. Nyco's Mexico property includes 1150 acres of mineral rights and 1920 acres of surface rights.

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