Raindrop Resources Ltd.

Raindrop Resources Ltd.  RAP   (ASE)

Santa Maria Property, Chihuahua. Claim consists of 6681 Ha in the Sierra Madre region very near the El Sauzal discovery of San Francisco Gold. Six claims are part of the Santa Maria Property. These include: Val, San Jose, Santa Maria and El Cumbre. The Santa Maria is contiguous with Francisco Gold's property. Consultant Nigel Hulme doing evaluation along with Hexagon Resources. Positive results from 1st pass recon sampling and site visit. Old mines and workings on property include the "Florida Mine" consisting of the San Jose de Pinal #1 and #2 veins. The Val claim has an old Ag-polymetallic vein prospect. Raindrop plans to drill property subject to approvals for permits etc.

Press Release 1Dec98
Press Release 22Sep98