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Radius Explorations Ltd.  RDU   (VSE)

El Salitre Project, central Mexico somewhere (state unknown). This new discovery was identified by a reconnaissance prospecting team and acquired through the staking of an exploration concession. The size and strength of the gold mineralization, as seen on the surface, demonstrates a hydrothermal system with the potential to host a large gold resource. The El Salitre gold zone is related to hot spring activity, both recent and extinct, along a 30 km long fault scalp. Three silica sinters and their related alteration haloes have been located along a cumulative 3500 m strike length of the fault. Gold values within the sinter are strongly anomalous ranging up to 1 g/t in both chip and grab samples. Anomalous gold values in sinter or the near-surface environment indicates the potential for significant gold accumulation immediately under the sinter level. The degree of erosion is negligible and locally only a few meters beneath the sinter is exposed. Veins cutting both the sinter and the altered bedrock have been sampled and return values up to 2.1 g/t across 1 meter. These veins also indicate that gold may have concentrated in discrete, high-grade, bonanza veins at depth below the sinter. Presently an exploration program is being designed which will include geochemistry, geophysics and drilling to test this system at depth. Optioned to Barrick Resources who have outlined a coincident geochem (soils) magnetic and IP anomaly 100-350m wide over 6 km of strike. RC drilling planned as initial 8 to 10 hole program.

Press Release 03Oct00
Press Release 10Aug99

 Raindrop Resources Ltd.  RAP   (ASE)

Santa Maria Property, Chihuahua. Claim consists of 6681 Ha in the Sierra Madre region very near the El Sauzal discovery of San Francisco Gold. Six claims are part of the Santa Maria Property. These include: Val, San Jose, Santa Maria and El Cumbre. The Santa Maria is contiguous with Francisco Gold's property. Consultant Nigel Hulme doing evaluation along with Hexagon Resources. Positive results from 1st pass recon sampling and site visit. Old mines and workings on property include the "Florida Mine" consisting of the San Jose de Pinal #1 and #2 veins. The Val claim has an old Ag-polymetallic vein prospect. Raindrop plans to drill property subject to approvals for permits etc.

Press Release 1Dec98
Press Release 22Sep98

Randsburg International Gold Corporation   RGZ   (VSE)

Cobre Gigante Cu and Mega Cobre concessions in Baja California Norte. Control 31.25 sq km and also obtained 100% of El Volcan concession, also in BCN from Seville Minerals S.A. de C.V. Still listed as assets in 1998-1999 CMH.

CMH 1998-1999

RDG Minerals Inc.   RDGI   (CDN)

Changed its name from Aronos Multinational Inc. on November 4, 1996. Operates in Mexico through wholly-owned subsidiary Aronos Multinational de Mexico S.A. de C.V.

El Pajaros Property, Sonora. A placer Au-Ag producer is located on a 1,103 Ha package with 300m long 2 m wide high-grade Au-Ag bearing shear zone. Aronos plans a 9tpd mining test.

CMH 1997-1998
CMH 1995-1996
NMN 01/16/95

Cumural Property, Sonora. Located 85 km from Hermosillo this property has 3 major zones. In November, 1994 pilot plant production began. May, 1995 design and engineering for a pilot heap-leach program.

CMH 1998-1999

Volcan Property, Sonora. Located 140 km NE of Hermosillo. Airborne geophysics in May, 1995 over 1000 Ha property..

CMH 1998-1999

San Martin, Sonora. Located near Rayon this is a 250 Ha property where work including sampling, percussion drilling, trenching and bulk sampling has taken place since 1992. Good results led to staking additional claims in area in 1993.

CMH 1998-1999

Real del Monte Mining Corporation  RMM   (TSE) and RDMFF (NASDAQ)

NOTE: Trading halted 4Jun99 and trading suspended on TSE on 8Jun99. Reason is Insolvent Liquidation and Resignation of Board. Acting Board of Directors has authorized the acting President and CEO to file an assignment in bankruptcy pursuant to the provisions of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Canada).

Press Releases and News dated June 4, 7 and 8, 1999.

HISTORY: Name changed from Consolidated Nevada Goldfields Corp.

Merged with Grupo Real del Monte (GRDM), a private Mexican company which is a subsidiary company of Grupo Acerero de Norte, S.A. de C.V. (GAN). Grupo Real del Monte controls numerous properties in Mexico including:

Pachuca Tailings Project, Hidalgo. Located 60 mi NE of Mexico D.F.this major historic Ag camp made a lot of tailings during it's life. RDM is investigating the feasibility of reprocessing around 90 million tonnes of tailings, the majority of which are from more than 100 years of floatation processing. The average grades are 40 gpt Ag and 0.17 gpt Au which is about 115 million ounces of Ag and 465,100 oz Au. Kilborn Ltd. did a feasibility study for the Mexican government in 1989 and Lakefield Research performed metallurgical tests with positive results at the same time.

PDAC literature March, 1999

Pachuca Real del Monte, Hidalgo. Located 60 mi NE of Mexico D.F., this major Ag camp has been in operation for over 465 years. Land consists of 400,000 ha in district and minesite features a 3000 tpd mill. Aggregate production is between 1.3 and 1.5 billion ounces of Ag and 6 million ounces of Au. (NOTE: that accounts for 6% of world's Ag production over the last 450 years). 1Q97 improved production to 1,300 mtpd. Lower than expected ore grades and blockage of buried tailings pipe lowered production in 2Q97. Proven and probable ore reserves as of 2Q98 stand at 7,800,000 tonnes grading 264 gpt Ag and 1.4 gpt Au.

LAMR May, 1998

Magistral del Oro Au Tailings: Located at Santa Maria del Oro, Durango. Mine closed in 1962, but a tailings pile leaching plant recovers 2.2 gpt Au and 6 gpt Ag. 1Q97 reported low leaching kinetics and excessive Cu absorption. Metallurgical testing continuing. Studies have concluded that reprocessing these tails is uneconomic at present gold prices (October, 1997). Operation put on hold indefinitely. Exploration of area for additional primary reserves ongoing. Altered areas appear promising. Optioned this asset to Crown resources in Jan. 1999

El Baztan, Michoacan. Based in Huetamo de Nuņez it is an underground Cu mine and exploits high-grade Cu which is recovered through floatation along with Mo and tungsten. Production complicated in 1Q97 due to lower concentrate uptake at SLP smelter. Actually two mines at El Baztan: Vista Hermosa a skarn and the other, El Arroyo, a vein mine. Combined production in 3Q97 was 23,214 tonnes which gave 791,000 lbs Cu and 405 oz of Au. Proven and probable reserves are 890,000 tonnes at 1.87% Cu. Possible additional reserves delineated at Vista Hermosa are 450,000 tonnes at 1.5% Cu.

Barita de Sonora. An open-pit barite operation E of Hermosillo whose product in mainly used in the Mexican oil industry. It maintains a close relationship with Baroid International. Low equipment availability and high overheads resulted in below budget performance in 1Q97. Ditto for 2Q97 CNGF considering options. As of January,1998 a sale to third party considered upon completion of legal matters and due diligence.

Debt restructuring is underway through a $45 million credit commitment from Standard New York Inc. and Standard Bank London, Ltd.

GCN #2 5Jan98
GCN #1 2Jan98
MBD December, 1997
MBD October, 1997
MBD June, 1997
GCN #94 15May97
NMN v83#6 04/07/97
MBD April, 1997
MBD January, 1997
WWW info 4Dec96
NMN v82#21 07/22/96
MBD August, 96
GCN #57 20Mar96
LAMR v3, #7 July 96
NMN v82 #5 04/01/96

Redmond Ventures Corp.   RMD   (VSE)

Name changed from Brandon Gold Corp. (BG-VSE) to Redmond Ventures Corp. on 14Sep99 along with a 2 for 1 share rollback. Name originally changed from Salus Resource Corp. (SLU-VSE) to Brandon Gold Corp. (BG-VSE) effective 4Dec96. (NOTE: Concessions listed below were once shown on map on Brandon's website.)

Successfully begged for more time regarding Mexican land holdings with Miranda Mining Development who kindly allowed all capital contributions to be delayed to the year 2000 and further capital contributions to be delayed by 1 year; however, they have subsequently decided to drop all it's Mexican properties and have since notified their partner, the underlying owner.

Press Release 9Jun99
CSW 5Feb99

El Caracol concession near the Morelos Reserve in Guerrero State. Option to obtain 60% interest in 55,519 ha. from Miranda Mining. Development and Miranda Royalties S.A. de C.V. The property comprises 500 square km (50,000 hectares) located approximately 180 km SW of Mexico D.F. The property adjoins the southern border of Farallon's Campo Morado Project. Preliminary prospect mapping and comprehensive stream sediment sampling underway. Infrastructure improvements are progressing. Airborne geophysical survey and Landsat image interpretation is complete. Amended terms of 14Aug96 agreement and transferred the Guerrero concession to Minera Caracol. Clock stretched to 6 from 2 years.

GCN #37 23Feb98
CSW 4Apr97
CSW 14Feb97
GCN #236 6Dec96
CSW 22Nov96
GCN #213 (Salus) 4Nov96
CSW 1Nov96
GCN #210 30Oct96
CMH 1996-1997

Morelos East , Guerrero. A 450 sq km located immediately west of Penoles/Newmont's Xochipala deposit and also just west of Teck/Nukay's project.


Mina Grande 1a & 2a, Guerrero. A 100 sq km property located immediately west of the El Caracol concession.


Guerrero concession, Guerrero. Located 20 km NW of El Caracol and 35 km E of Pinzon Morado. Has also negotiated to acquire 60% interest in 40,000 ha concession from Miranda Mining and Development Corp. property adjoins southern border of Farallon's La Alina Project.

NMN v83# 05/19/97
GCN #80 25Apr97

Arcelia concession, Guerrero. A 650 sq km property located immediately east of Guerrero property in the Arcelia sub-terrane.


Tahuehueto Property, Durango. Bailed on this puppy dog and will not be proceeding. Currently reviewing its legal options regarding this matter. A 2034 hectare property 100% optioned from Minera Geoambiante S.A. de C.V. and Sacremento de la Plata S.A. de C.V. VSE has accepted filing of deal. (Looks like same property was subsequently picked up by Cons. Samarkand).

GCN #47 7Mar97
CSW 7Mar97

Remington Creek Resources Inc.   GYD   (VSE)

Had opted El Zapote, Chuihauhua property from Cominco in 1994-1995, but terminated agreement on 360 ha property

CSW 16Jun96

Repadre Capital Corporation   RPD   (TSE)

Merged with Golden Knight Resources Inc. in February, 1999 and will continue to focus on royalty opportunities on a global basis.

MBD February, 1999

Funded Santa Cruz Gold's Magistral gold project in Sinaloa with a $6.8 million financing deal in return for 1 % nsr on 1st 3,000 oz, then increases to 3.5% nsr for subsequent 350,000 oz, then goes to back to a 1% nsr for remaining mine life.

NMN v83#15 06/09/97

Controlled a 4% nsr on production from Great Lakes Minerals Lluvia de Oro gold property in Sonora. Great Lakes became part of Santa Cruz who sold Lluvia de Oro in April, 1999 prior to their merger with Queenstake.

CMH 1998-1999

Republic Goldfields Inc.   RGF   (VSE)

Republic Goldfields, Inc. was involved early on in the present EchoBay/Minefinder's Dolores Property, Madera District, Chihuahua. This was merely a reflection of the prior close association of Republic Goldfields and Minefinders back in '94. In July of '95 Republic acquired two claims in Sonora about 30 miles W of Nogales: La Pistola and Orofino. Reported as working on 8,500 acre Au-Ag-Cu property, Cerro Verde, in northern Sonora in may, 1998.

CMH 1998-1999
CSW 28Jul95
CSW 9Sep94

Rio Algom Ltd.   (Acquired 100% by Billiton Plc.)

As of 1997 actively examining non-ferrous metals opportunities in Mexico with a focus on Cu and base metals. Billiton Copper Holdings Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Billiton Plc. acquired the 5% outstanding Rio Algom shares it did not own on 29 November 2000. Rio Algom ceased to trade on the TSE as of that date. Billeton announced a merger with BHP in May 2001 so now this entity is folded into the mega corporation BHP Billiton.

Acero-Atlas in Mexico is part of North American Metals Distribution Group 100% owned by Rio Algom. Involved in warehousing, processing and distribution of wide variety of metals products for industrial use.

CMH 1996-1997

Rio Fortuna Exploration Corp. RFT   (CDNX)

Changed name from Sand River Resources Ltd. on 11/29/99 along with a seven old for one new rollback of its outstanding shares. Sand River delisted post consolidation from VSE on 12/1/99.

Press Release 11/29/99

Formed a 50/50 JV along with Spokane Resources Ltd. to explore on a number of Mexican mining opportunaties. The focus is on evaluation 4 polymetallic skarn and replacement systems and one Au-Ag project including those numbered 1-5 below. As of January, 1999 formal agreements are now in place with respect to these 5 properties. Since Oct. 1997 the company had only been operating under letter of intent agreements to explore 53 concessions in 12 properties jointly with Spokane Resources.

MBD October, 1998

(1) Piedras Verdes Project, Chihuahua. Located 15 km west of El Sauzal property of San Fracisco Gold and just 5 km SE of Cienaguita. A 900 ha property psoition which recently was in production at 50 tpd at 6% Cu, 2-3% Zn and 300 gpt Ag. A 15 sq km area being systematically evaluated with mapping and geophysics. Drilling of 1500-2000 m to began in March, 1998 to test for high grade Ag and polymetallic (Cu, Zn) veins.

News Release 18Mar98
LAMR December, 1997

(2) Descubridora Project, Chihuahua. located on the eaastern edgfe of the city it is a prospect area of 12 sq km with a number of Ag, Au, Pb, Zn, Cu showing. This is the same property Kennecott drilled 12 holes into back in 1992 whebn they found 130 ft of 1.51 gpt Au in one hole and 40 ft of 2.54% Zn in another and third hole with 15 ft of 10.82 Zn.

(3) Las Minerales Project, Chihuahua. Located in the West Camp of the Santa Eulalia Mining District, a classic Ag-Pb-Zn manto and chimney replacement district. Project covers 924 Ha and includes the Minerales Mine which closed in 1922. Former mine workings are extesive including 500 km of tunnelsl on 22 levels to depths of 800m. Prior to closing two years production had already been blocked out. Recent IP work has identified several anomalies.

(4) Los Chinos Project, Chihuahua. Project covers 345 Ha. located on the north side of the same intrusion which hosts the Peņoles' Bismark Zn Mine (Sand River reports as at 15M tonnes a5 9% combined Zn+Pb) . After being brought to it as an exploration opportunity by IMDEX/Cascabel, BHP optioned the property from MINAMEX and drilled 2,300m on Los Chinos in 1991-1992. They found 8.6m of 7.8% Zn and 3% Pb with minor Ag and Au in their best intercept. A positive working relationship with Peņoles has recently developed in the hopes of expanding the reserve base for their Bismark Mine. The near-term exploration program calls for mapping, sampling, and geophysical surveys with a focus on the northern zone and the area adjacent to the Bismark Mine

GCN #14 21Jan99
GCN #205 24Oct97

(5) Cerro La Fortuna Project, Sonora. Located 30 km S of the Cananea Mine. Option to earn 100% interest granted from Guillermo Espinosa Castillo on property hosting high grade Au-Ag veins..

GCN #248 29Dec97

Minera Macocozac Copper Mine, Concepcion del Oro District, Zacatecas. Purchased a majority interest (51%) in the Arroyo Azules Mine and related concessions and assets of Macacozac S.A.de C.V. This 300 tpd @ 1.4% Cu producer which consists of 1167 Ha located immediately adjacent to the Minera Tayahua property. Drill defined skarn system with 14.6 million tonnes of 1.05 Cu ore as sulfides with an additional 24 million tonnes as oxide ore grading 0.7%. Oxide ore is in several categories including 2 to 3 MT in stockpiles grading 2%, about 8 MT at 0.6% in the waste dumps and drill indicated 12 MT of 0.7%. The due diligence holes drilled and came out fine. Geophysics completed in May, 1998 indicate good potential.

MBD September, 1998
Press Release 25Aug98
News Release 17Mar98
GCN #30 12Feb98

Santa Eulalia Tailings Project, Chihuahua. Spokane estimates a 20 MM tonne resource where BHP calculated 6 MM tonnes at 2.28% Zn and 34 gpt Ag. UG reserves are estimated at 1.9 MM tonnes grading 6% Zn, 3.1% Pb and 118 gpt Ag. Spokane and Sand River are earning a 75% interest.in the property.

GCN #248 29Dec97


Los Lamentos District, Chihuahua. Optioned 100% interest in historic Pb producer from Compania Minera La Union S. A. and VSE accepted terms. District was active in the 1900-1940's and produced around 750,000 tonnes grading 300 grams Ag with 9% Pb and 7% Zn from underground down to depths of about 150m. (The Old Prospector likes the wulfenite crystals). Geophysics planned for 4Q98 and drilling in early 1999. Website doesn't provide info on this property as of 11/29/99 and owner was pushing it's availability on InfoMine's Property Forum. 

InfoMine 11/16/99
GCN #200 19Oct98
GCN #184 24Sep98
Press Release 5Aug98


Robex Resources, Inc.  RBX   (CDNX)

Operated in Mexico through 100% owned Mexican subsidiary Minera Atzcala S.A. de C.V.

Vianey Ag-Pb-Zn Mine
, Guerrero.  Abandoned all interests in this property in December, 2001 to concentrate its efforts in Mali, West Africa. The result of this decision resulted in a reduction of the company's debt of $824,726. Bye-Bye and Adios.

Press Release 18Dec01

Known reserves of all categories inside the partially developed underground workings to a depth of - 75 meters offer the opportunity of generating earnings with a modest investment in a short period of time. Moreso, the potential to block additional reserves are highly favorable including the discovery of a potential large zinc replacement deposit of manto type. Plans for Phase I include:  This phase that could be initiated early in 2001 foresees the extraction of a rich silver-zinc-lead ore shoot (27.2 oz Silver, 8.98 % Lead and 9.36 % Zinc) totaling 30 000 tons. The extraction at 100 tons per day would last 14.5 months. Concurrently Phase II would include:  Drilling and development works will be executed and will provide the feasibility for increasing the production to 500 tons per day. Total all categories reserves stand at 614 000 tons to the lowest - 75 meters level. At that rate, the production would last 49.5 months. (Picked up this asset from defunct LMX Resources?) 

Press Release 5Jul01
Press Release 25Oct00
Press Release 5Oct00

Rome Resources Ltd.  RMR   (VSE)

La Huacana, Michoacan. Optioned 100% of a 90% interest in four Cu properties from Aquiline Resources covering an aggregate of 9,333 Ha. One of these, San Isidro, was the focus of exploration carried out in the 1970's. Alteration mapping, structural interpretation and soil and chip sampling were slotted for Phase I exploration. Follow-up will include geophysics prior to drilling. CMH 1998-1999 states that this interest was acquired through a direct $200,000 purchase of a private company Minera Jackman S.A. de C.V. which held a 90% interest in these very same La Huacana, Michoacan properties. The relation between Minera Jackman and Aquiline is not clear; however Aquiline doesn't carry any Michoacan Cu properties as assets any longer according to the CMH 1998-1999.

CMH 1998-1999
VSE Report on Mexico April, 1998
GCN#192 6Oct98
GSN #245 22Dec97

Rondal Gold Corp.  RGD   (ASE)

Name changed on 6/17/97 from Prior Resources.

Monarca Property, Zacatecas. Option to purchase 49% in 9,700 ha property near San Jose in Zacatecas and will pay 100,000 shares as finder's fee for the privilege. Picked up another 2000 Ha to bring land position to 11,700 Ha. This VMS property with prior Consejo drilling showing a 6 m intercept of 2.69% Cu in an overall 50 m intercept of 1.97% Cu. Rondal planned to commence with an 8,000 feet drill program starting 28Oct98. Quantec did some geophysics which served as basis for drill site selection. A Consejo Hg vapor geochem anomaly in the vicinity of Cerro Pelon led to IP survey design.

Press Release 22Oct98
Press Release 31Aug98
Press Release 14Jul98
GCN #36 20Feb98

El Trejo Project, Sinaloa. Acquired 100% interest (subject to 3% nsr) in Au property 128 km NE of Mazatlan. Subsequently ptioned 50% of said agreement to Riley Resources. Geochem anomaly in the 100's pf ppb to several gram Au over 1km long and 500m wide untested. Signed 3000 m diamond drill contract which initated Sep. 10, 1996. Eighteen holes between 100 to 200 ft in length were drilled in 350m by 400 m area. Hole 7 intersected 107 feet starting at the surface grading 1.15 g/t Au (which included a 5 ft section at 17.5 g/t Au and 31.6 g/t Ag). A 4000 ft trenching program in tuffaceous breccia was cut with a D7 cat to 2m depth. Strongly anomalous values from 0.3 to several grams Au in trenches. Geological open-pit target zone now 150m wide, 600m long and 150m deep (via drilling and/or relief) and estimated to be on the order of 300,000 oz. A Phase III 70-hole 10,000 ft program planned to proceed immediately as well as additional trenching to the south. Company presently drilling in potential OP area 480 ft by 1920 ft containing a potential resource of 300,000 ounces. Nine trenches averages 0.03 opt and the best hole to date intersected 107 ft at 0.034 opt Au

CSW 7Mar97
MBD February, 1997
Promo flyer in NMN v82#48 01/28/97
CSW 10Jan97
GCN #5 8Jan97
CSW 25Oct96
CSW 13Sep96
GCN #165 26Aug96
CSW 08/30/96

Mazatleca Property, Sinaloa. Option to purchase 100% interest (subject to 3% nsr) in property located 30 km N of Mazatlan. Sub-parallel Au-Ag-Pb veins and stockwork in low-lying agricultural property. Area discovered by Manuel Trejo about 10 years ago. He was high-grading sub parallel veins in area.

GCN #24 4Feb97
CSW 31Jan97

Pachuca Property. Located 60 mi N of Mexico D.F. A 50% earn-in option granted to a third party for a $600,000 work committment over 2 yrs.

Promo flyer in NMN v82#48 01/28/97

Rorex Exploration Inc.  RRX   (VSE)

Minera Brenda Claims, Ocampo District, Chihuahua. Tried to optioned these claims jointly along with Vetta Ventures Corp from Minera Fuerte Mayo S.A. de C.V. Vetta had option for 60% and Rorex could get 40% of that. Companies were unable to raise financing so Minera Fuerte Mayo cancelled their option. Terminated interest in area.

CSW 15Jan99
GCN #5 8Jan98

South-Central Durango, Optioned first right of refusal subject to 90 day due diligence on four claims in Sierra Madre Au-Ag belt in the neighborhood of Placer Dome, Farallon, Francisco Gold and Eldorado real estate. These claims have had significant prior work on them.

GCN #33 17Feb98

Roxwell Gold Mines Ltd.   RXW   (VSE)

Los Pajaros Au Property, Sinaloa. Located about 60 mi from Mazatlan. Holds option to acquire 100% interest in property which was producing about 2,500 tpm from a 250 tpd mill in 1996. In June, 1997 signed letter of intent to acquire 100% interest from Patrick Imeson for 5M shares. Roxwell estimates possible reserves of 2.9 M tonnes of 0.022 opt Au and 3.92 opt Ag. Also looked hard at Atotonilco Au property in Zacatecas where direct shipping high-grade was produced from 1927-1937.

CMH 1998-1999
MBD June, 1995
GCS #168 1Sep94

Atotonilco Au Property, Zacatecas. Also looked hard at this property in 1996 where direct shipping high-grade was produced from 1927-1937.

CMH 1995-1996

Royal Silver Mines  RSMI   (NASDAQ)

Sierra Mojada District, Coahuila. Acquired a 45% working interest in a joint venture with Metalline Mining Co. for 4700 hectares in the heart of the old district. Royal acquired it's interests from Dakota Mining for cash and shares. Dakota retains a 1% to 2.5% nsr on future production..

LAMR February, 1998

Zopilote District, Nayarit. Acquired four seperate old mines: Manantial, Zopilote, Jabalina and Frazadas Mines. These four concessions total 458 ha located near the town of Ruiz. Optioned former Pb-Zn-Ag-Au producers from Minera Nival. Some workings date back to Spanish colonial times and a German company operated district from 1890-1910.

Press Release 4Mar97

Royalstar Resources   RYQ   (VSE)

Four AuAg properties in Sinaloa acquired through Zocolo Exploration Associated Inc.in April, 1996: Maipiri, San Dimas and Tambor North and South. Corporate merger contemplated with Attwood Gold (ATW-VSE) as of July, 1996. Royalstar faces $454,335 suit filed in BC Supreme Court by Zocalo Exploration who claim they failed to meet terms of exploration agreement. Optioned a 60% interest in four separate properties in Mexico: El Tambor North, El Tambor South, Maipiri and San Dimas to Zicor Mining Inc. Zicor dropped properties back to Royalstar in December, 1997.

WWWinfo 13Jan99
CSW 16May97
CSW 24Feb97
NMN v82#21 07/22/96
NMN v82 #8 04/22/96

Tambor North is a 1,080 hectare property located in the Tamazula District of western Durango. The property is reported to contain a series of contiguous hydrothermal zones of gold-silver mineralization hosted in quartz veins with a NW-SE orientation.  After a geological review , Royalstar has notified the owner of the Tambor North Property in the State of Durango that the Company will terminate its interest in that property as of 1Q98.

Tambor South is a 1,160 hectare property located south of Culiacan in south-central Sinaloa. Mineralization is reported on a broad scale with high grade bonanza-type lode gold deposits along a major northwest trending La Colorado structure. Several small mines occur over a 3 km length of this brecciated structure which in places is several hundred meters wide. Chip samples taken over a 2 meter width near the Estrella workings, active sporadically in 1995, assayed 46 g/t Au and 29 g/t Ag.

The San Dimas Mine property covers 2,285 hectares and is located north of Culiacan in
Sinaloa. The mine itself (105 hectares) has a production ‘rate’ of 100 t/d and resources estimated at 58,600 tonnes grading 5 g/t Au. 100 g/t Ag, 1% Pb, 5% Zn and 0.8% Cu. The adjacent Maipiri Property is a 5,000 hectare exploration property with identified disseminated style oxidation and placer gold occurrences. Earlier in 1997 Royalstar farmed out a 60% interest in this property group to Zicor Mining Inc. Zicor recently informed the Company it did not intend to begin exploration and was returning control of the properties to Royalstar. A senior consulting geologist is currently evaluating the property group on behalf of Royalstar. The results of this evaluation will be used in our planning for future activity on these properties.

WWWinfo 13Jan99

Maipiri Property, Sinaloa. Located west of San Dimas the property consists of 5,000 hectares.

Rupert Resources Ltd.   RUP   (VSE)

Seems to be focused on kimberlites in Canada but still owns some Au properties in northern Baja California which now total over 61,700 hectares. Includes Consuelo (152 sq km), Santa Cruz (38 sq km), Valladares (150 sq km), San Jose (50 sq km), El Soccorro (72 sq km) and Roca Rica (150 sq km),. Field crews mobilized in August, 1996. For expanded descriptions see Mexico Projects on Rupert's WebSite.

WWW info 13Aug99
CMH 1998-1999
GCN #147 30Jul96
LAMR, v3, #4 Apr. 96
LAMR, v3, #8 Aug 96
NMN v82 #8 04/22/96

Santa Cruz Property, BCN: Prospecting and regional geochemical surveys located a large Au anomalous area. Parallel and sub-parallel qtz-bearing vein and stockworks have been identified over 8 km of strike. At least 6 samples of 1.0-1.5m width gave values from 3-12 grams Au. Exploration to resume in mid-January, 1997 on 38 square kilometres Rupert’s work to date has discovered six locations with visible gold along a strike length of a 10.5 kilometre long structure. An extensive gold-bearing quartz vein/stockwork system is associated with this major regional structure. The Santa Cruz area is one of considerable historic gold production by local artisans, several old pits and short vertical shaftswere noted by Rupert’ field exploration crews. No evidence of drilling was found.

WWWinfo 13Jan99
GCN #5 7Jan97

El Soccorro Property, BCN: 72 square km. The property is adjacent to an area with a long history of small scale placer and hard rock mining which ended in 1910 at the time of the Mexican Revolution. The property has the potential to contain the extension of this mineralization.

WWWinfo 13Jan99

San Jose Property, BCN: 50 square km was acquired for its potential to contain the extension of epithermal gold bearing veins known to occur on an adjacent ground.

WWWinfo 13Jan99