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Teck Cominco Limited   TEK.B     (TSE)   (VSE)   (MSE)

Guadalajara Office                                  Minera Teck S.A. de C.V. 
Phone: 52-3-122-9084                           Mariano Otero 2347, 3er Piso "B" 
Fax: 52-3-122-9082                               Colonia Verde Valle 
Email: 102556.1244@compuserve.com  Guadalajara, Jalisco 45050

Two very advanced projects in Mexico as well as numerous other exploration interests. Has been active in Mexico as Teck almost 13 years now. In 1995 exploration was carried out on 20 properties, six of which were drilled. Of those 6, three deserved further work in 1996. Primary targets were porphyry Cu, polymetallic skarn and Au-Ag deposits. ('96 Annual Report). In 1997 there were 3 major projects in the Annual Report (Nukay, another Au project  and San Nicolas). Teck also participates indirectly in Mexico by taking a position in other major and junior companies active there. For example by acquiring 100% of Cominco Ltd. who has been active in Mexico for a long time through Cia. Minera Constelación S. A. de C. V. (recently re-named Cominco Mexico). Also by controlling 14.2% of Silver Standard Resources (as of 10Jun98 - CMH '98-'99) and over 13% of Western Copper. Teck enjoys indirect participation with several other properties. Another example is of a typical arrangement is the 1992 deal with Northern Crown Mines which provided Teck the right to earn a 50% interest in the Guadelupe de los Reyes Project, Sinaloa. (GCN #248 24Dec92).

San Nicolas VMS Deposit, Zacatecas: 

Current status as of March, 2002 is that a positive bankable feasibility study has been tabled. This study was based around a plant to treat 15,500 tonnes of ore per day over a 12 year mine life that would produce 2.1 billion pounds of Zn, 1.4 billion pounds of Cu, 171,000 oz Au and 18 million oz of Ag. Sensitivity analysis shows metal prices and freight costs to be critical factors in the project's economics. Weak Zn prices are the Achilles heel at the moment. 

San Nicolas Preliminary Geologic Resource (January, 2001)

                                    Density     Tonnes    Au      Ag     Cu     Zn  
                                       (t/m3)    (1000's) (g/t)    (g/t)   (%)    (%)
Upper Massive Sulfide     
High-grade Zinc Zone:         4.0     17,316   1.3     75.3   0.8    6.1
Low-grade Zinc Zone:         4.2     17,496   0.6     22.8   0.7    1.7
Copper Zone:                      4.1     42,867   0.1     12.3   1.9    0.5
Subtotal:                                        77,679   0.5     28.7   1.4    2.0

Lower Massive Sulfide 
Copper Zone:                      4.1       9,745   0.2     11.8   1.6     0.8
Stringer Zone:                      2.8     12,099   0.0       1.6   1.1     0.1
Subtotal:                                        21,844   0.1       6.1   1.3     0.4 

TOTAL:     (99.5 million tonnes)  99,523   0.4     23.7   1.4     1.6 

Work through 1998 on the San Nicolas discovery had delineated a measured open pit resource of 74 million tonnes grading 1.4% Cu, 2.1% Zn with an overall strip ratio of 4.3:1 to a depth of 420 m. High-grade Cu mineralization extends beneath the planned pit. Now at the pre-feasibility stage with final feasibility expected to be completed in the year 2001. 

Initially started out as exploration JV with Western Copper Holdings on oxide Cu and polymetallic massive sulfide near Zacatecas. As of 10/28/98 the preliminary reserve estimate for an open-pit stood at 72,000,000 tonnes averaging 1.35% Cu, 2.27% Zn, 0.53 gpt Au and 30 gpt Ag to a depth of 400 m with a waste to ore ratio of 8:1 (MEG Luncheon Talk Abstract)

Present JV is Teck/Western 55/45 participating interests (Minera Tama S.A. de C.V.) on a 22,000 ha land package over El Salvador and La Virgen concessions. Total package is around 225 sq km. Additional ground was optioned from Luismin and acquired by Teck on 6Mar00 after Minera Tama's right of first refusal. This new acquisition represents another 25% interest in the deposit itself. Overall ownership and options between Teck's indirectly owned company that owns the San Nicolas deposit (Quiriego Compania Minera  S.A. de C.V.) and Western Copper are complex, but to make a long story short - if Teck exercised all of its options it could increase it's direct participating ownership in the deposit to a total of 81.5%, the remainder being Western Copper.

 EARLY HISTORY: Near-surface oxide zone believed to be 10m thick. Air-track drilling deliniated the oxide horizon over 350m by 600m and from 3 to 30m thick and grades around 1.0-1.5% Cu. First discovered massive sulfide horizon is 75m beneath oxide zone and is 5.1 ft (<2m) thick) at grades of 16.57% Zn, 2.07% Cu, 1.53% Pb, 3.68 grams Au and 213 grams Ag. This skinny horizon was cut by 5 or 6 holes out of the first 11 drilled. Hole SAL-97-01 (now renamed SAL-12) hit a 13.3 m massive section between 73.4 and 86.7m beneath the surface. This zone varies from 1 to 13m thick over a 150m wide by 400m long trend. and this upper horizon is not the same as the bigger, deeper one at San Nicolas.

A Dighem airborne survey was completed in 1Q97. Discovery hole SAL-25 on what is now known as the San Nicolas Massive Sulfide Orebody intersected 176 m of massive sulfides in November, 1997. The deposit is buried 200m beneath Tertiary volcanics and conglomerates and was discovered using geophysical survey techniques and some excellent interprative work by Joe Ruetz, Roger Scammel, Jim Janzen, Gillian Kearvell and Antonio Montante. By the end of 1997 six holes had intersected massive sulfides ranging from 59 to 260m in thickness. (NOTE: A lot of news came out on San Nicolas in 1998 and it is best to follow it on Western Copper's website).

See Western Copper and their website for a lot of details and latest data on San Nicolas.
GCN #236 9Dec98
GCN #207 28Oct98
GCN #141 23Jul98
CSW 21Feb97
CSW 17Jan97
MBD January, 1997
MBD November, 1996
LAMR November, 1996
GCN #210 30 Oct96
CSW 20Sep96
GCN #185 24Sep96

Nukay Project, Guerrero: 70/30 JV Minera Nutek with privately-owned Miranda Mining located 150 km SW of Mexico City and NW of Chilpancingo. Small producer currently at 20,000 opy. In 1995 over 20,000 m were drilled outlining potential for both open-pit and underground mining. 1996 program concentrating on infill drilling. A drill hole late in 1994 intercepted 1.6 grams over 200m in skarn-altered zone adjacent to intrusive. Grade and tonnage numbers are hard to come by but in Aug. 1995 NMN reported 4.4 M tonnes at 4.47 grams Au or over 656,000 oz of contained Au in the Nukay, Aguita and Subita skarn zones and an inferred additional 800,000 in the Dona Marta Area. Los Filos zone showed drilled out resource of 28.4 M tonnes averaging 1.64 gpt Au. A 1.6 million ounce open pittable resource has been defined at Nukay and preliminary metallurgical testing looks good for heap-leach processing. Preliminary feasibility studies were planned for 1st half of 1998. Low gold prices has slowed this project down a bit in 1999, but it is still very much on track.

For a lot of information on this project go to MMDC's website (includes maps and figures etc.)
CMH 1998-1999
1997 Annual Report
GCN #133 13Jul98
1995 Annual Report
GCN #105 30May96
NMN 4/22/96
NMN 8/21/95

Morelos Reserve Norte, Guerrero: 60/40 JV named "Minera Media Luna" with privately-owned Miranda Mining and Development as minority partner. Successful bidders in 1998 for 26,000 Ha northern part of the Morelos Reserve located several km north of Nukay Property. Bid was US $3,120,000 with 60% up front and balance in 1 year.

CMH 1998-1999
GCN #133 13Jul98

Lachatao Property, Oaxaca: (Dropped it) Located around 35 km NE of city of Oaxaca near Santa Catarina Lachatao. Dropped this back to Northair in 1998. Was a 51/49 JV with International Northair to explore 8km by 8km property in the Natividad District. Initial work focused on San Pedro-San Pablo system. Trenching gave positive results. RC drilling to began in November, 1996. Five of nine RC holes returned good results. Hole-1 returned 27m of 120 ppb, Hole-2 hit 49.5m of 510 ppb and 10.5m of 2.14 gpt. Hole 3 hit 85.5m of 0.97 gpt which included 7.5m of 1.3 gpt and 15m of 2.14 gpt. Other holes contained encouraging results. Teck plans to spend $450,000 in 1997. Teck holds 100% interest in nearby 16,879 ha of ground.

LAMR June, 1998
LAMR December, 1997
NMN v83#14 2/6/97
NMN v82#49 2/3/97
NMN 10/28/96
NMN v82#15 6/10/96
LAMR v3, #6 June 96

Tellis Gold Mining Company   TLL   (VSE)

Rodrigo Sanchez Mejorada resigned from Board of Directors in late May, 1995 when company shifted focus to Voisey Bay. Sold remaining 20% interest in Paredones Amarillos to Baja Gold for shares 06/16/93

CSW 2Jun96
GCN #115 16Jun93

Guadalupe de Ures Property, Sonora. Optioned from Orex International (a private company). Located 60 km N of Hermosillo this property covers 203 ha. Two exploration targets are on the property: A sub-volcanic rhyolite which contain s Au values and a skarn that has high Ag/Au. Multiple phase exploration planned as part of option and 5-10 holes come in at Phase II. Exploration included 1.5 km of access roads 1.3 km of dozer trenching detailed mapping and sampling trenches and old workings. A total of 530 samples were collected. Two prospective zones: Tres Setenta and Ocho Hermanos were identified. Two target concepts are in play: High grade Au quartz fissure veins and disseminated low grade Au-Ag. Geophysical surveys recommended as next step. Skarns are apparently also present in area.

GCN #126 2Jul97
GCN #88 7May97
CSW 21Feb97

Terratech Encironmental Corporation 

Operates in Mexico as Minera Terra Gaia S.A. de C.V. and now also has 100% control of Minera Curator S.A. de C.V.

A Special resolution of International Curator Resources Ltd. shareholders voted to transfer all the issued and outstanding shares of Mintec International Corporation and its' wholly owned Mexican subsidiary Minera Curator S.A. de C.V., owner of the Boleo Project to Terratech pursuant to the terms of settlement Agreement dated February 15, 2001.

Boleo Cu-Co-Zn Project, Baja California has reported global resource of 537 million tonnes grading 0.73% Cu and 0.054% Co. International Curator excercised all of its options and now controls 100% of this project wich includes 10 seperate mining concessions. Final payment was made in December, 1997. Mineable reserves of 70 million tonnes at 1.29% Cu and 0.089% Co with 0.062% Zn. LPF (leach-precipitation-floatation) pilot plant testwork by Hazen Research completed. The LPF concentrate is needed to feed continuous SX/EW plant. Through this process recoveries are 97% for Cu, Co 98% and Zn 93%. Up until 3Q97 Zn did not enter into the economics. Private placement completed in Jan. 1999 to fund ongoing work.

High-grade hit w/15 wide spaced holes averaging 2.20% Cu and 0.093%Co over 2.62 meters. Curator is working diligently towards completion of a feasibility study. Around a 20 square km area in the NW portion of the claims is the focus of this initial study which includes data from 773 DDH. Preliminary evaluation of a leach-precipitation-float (LPF) processing has been very positive. Rigorous check and re-assaying upgraded Co values by 15% and Cu by 3%. The feasibility work undertaken by Flour Daniel Wright and includes metallurgical testing by Hazen Labs and Lakefield Research; ore reserve calculations by Mintec; mine planning by Norwest Mine Services; geotechnical studies by Golder and Assoc; tailings studies by Knight and Piesold; hydrological work by Servicios Geologicos and environmental work by Corp. Ambiental de Mexico. International Curator estimates 15-22 year mine-life for Boleo at a capital cost investment of around $480 million to get it going. Bankable feasibility expected by March, 1998. Discussions with potential pre-qualified partners ongoing as several have visited data room. Prefeasibility is complete and economic for an Op mine with Cu, Co and Zn produced by LPF-Roast_Leach-SX/EW processing.

CSW 15Jan99
CMH 1998-1999
GCN #13 20Jan98
GCN #247 24Dec97
GCN #244 19Dec97
GCN #240 15Dec97
GCN #233 20Nov97
MBD October, 1997
NMN v83#15 9Jun97
CSW 30May97
LAMR April, 1997
GCN #36 20Feb97
CSW 24Jan97
MBD January, 1997

The new resource at a 1% Cu equivalent (calculated as %Cu+ 15 times %Co) contains 7.6 billion pounds of Cu and 652,000,000 pounds of Co.

Cutoff Cu% equivalent Tonnes with (density of 1.41 T/m3) Copper % Cobalt % Equivalent Cu%
0.5 493,816,000 0.75 0.068 1.76
1.0 395,437,000 0.875 0.075 2.00
1.5 259,204,000 1.13 0.085 2.40

Preliminary mine plans schedule 70,000,000 tonnes of ore averaging 1.29% Cu, 0.089% Co and 0.62% Zn. mine planning indicates an optimal production of 49,000 tpa of Cu, 3,500 tpa Co and 16,000 tpa of Zn for the first 10 years. Mine life is expected to be 17 years with at capital cost of $440 Million . Mine has robust additional geologic resources. Forcast costs are $23.75/tonne.  If a partner is not obtained on terms acceptable to Intl. Curator, then the company will elect to proceed with the development on its own. Pre-feasibility study is complete and economic.

GCN #134 14Jul98
GCN #13 20Jan98
GCN #218 13Nov97
GCN #204 23Oct97
GCN #172 8Sep97 (with tabulated project statistics and costs etc)
GCN #156 14Aug97


Press Release 28Mar01

Tetra Metals Ltd.  TTL   (VSE)

Changed name from Porcher Island Gold Corporation and consolidated its outstanding capital on a 5:1 basis effective 8Jan99.

Lawrence D. Barr was president of Porcher Island Gold Corporation (PIG) as well as Candela Resources Ltd. (CDD:VSE). For the first several months of 1997 a US expat living in Mexico was grubstaked by Candela Resources and funded through PIG in exchange for 1st right of refusal on any gold exploration properties he might come up with. This arrangement might flow over to Tetra Metals

CSW 8Jan99
PIG Press Release 10Apr97

Teuton Resources Corp.  TUO   (VSE)

Working in Mexico jointly through a 50/50 JV with related company Minvita Enterprises Ltd. Together their Mexican JV company is Minera Alexandra S.A. de C.V.

La Esmarelda,
Zacatecas. Staking a lot of big claims near San Nicholas massive sulfide discovery. Have applied for 209,000 ha (2,194,000 acres) . One is owned jointly with Minas Dolores.

La Victoria Concession, Zacatecas. Farmed 50% of the 9,720 Ha property position to Thunderbird Projects Ltd. who picked up another 25% interest from CSG Resources Ltd. in January, 1999. It is located 22 km SE of the San Nicolas discovery.

Diana Property, Zacatecas. Adjoins the La Victoria concession noted above. Thunderbird Projects terminated their interest in this property, then CSG Resources Ltd. dropped their interest in this property in January, 1999. Looks like it may have fallen all the way back to Minvita/Teuton. by 1Q99.

El Real, Zacatecas. Augusta Resources (Formerly Augusta Gold Corp) terminated it's option to earn in 50% of this concession.

CSW 29Jan99
GCN #12 19Jan99
CMH 1998-199
GCN #204 23Oct98
GCN #26 6Feb98
GCN #19 28Jan98
GCN #9 14Jan98 ( Zacatecas Area claim map published in George Cross)
GCN #224 21Nov97
Press release 17Nov97

Texas T Resources Inc.  TXT   (VSE)

Sierra Madre Gold Belt, Chihuahua. Has taken a 50% option on the ground controlled by Visionary Mining Corp.

GCN #183 23Sep97

TNK Resources Inc.  TTL   (VSE)

Santo Domingo II Ag-Au Project, Jalisco. TNK took a $400,000 position in Stroud Resources to back the proposed mapping and diamond drilling program on the Santo Domingo II property located around 90 km north of Guadalajara in Jalisco State. The transaction was effected for investment purposes

GCN #36 22Feb99
Press Release 17Feb99
Press Release 28Jan99

Tombstone Explorations Co. Ltd.  TSO   (TSE)

Tres Marias Project, Chihuahua. Located 270 km NE of Chihuahua City this 2807 Ha property is 100% owned by Tombstone. It is a dissolution breccia pipe some 60 to 100 m in diameter with high grade zinc and germanium mineralization. Drilling planned when exploration permits are in place. Potential estimated at 3 to 6 M tonnes at 15% Zn and 500 ppm Ge. maps etc are on Tombstone's website.

CMH 1998-1999
WWW Info 2Nov98

Trans Asia Resources Ltd.   TGU   (VSE)

Changed name 26Nov97 from Taurus Exploration Ltd. with no consolidation of capital. Taurus was involved in properties below, however, trans Asia appears focused in China, Voisey Bay and Harp Lake according to CMH 1998-1999.

Aguila de Oro, Nayarit
. Breach of trust suit filed along with Core Engineering against Stellar Minerals concerning above properties. According to company Stellar gained control of above properties through use of confidential information.

GCN #20 11Apr97
CSW 4Apr97
CMH 1995-1996

Tres-Or Resources Ltd.  TRS   (VSE)

El Jazmin and Sierra Madre Gold Project, Chihuahua. Terminated option on 25Sep00. Part of Precioso Group. Initial results on El Jazmin include multiple chip samples over 3.0 to 5.0 m widths that run in the 100 ppb to several gram Au range with very low Ag values. These come from the "Naranjo Zone" which is a 500 by 800m NS/35E dipping fault bounded altered wedge of rhyolite between tuffaceous volcanics. Silicification, quartz veinlets and pyrite are common. Optioned 100% interest in this property (subject to 3% nsr) to Tres-Or Resources in January, 1999. 1999.Signed letter of intent with EAV Ventures Corp to option 100% interest in 11,028 Ha of EAV's huge land position in Chihuahua. Tres-Or picks up underlying option payments, taxes etc. commits to a work program and the deal is subject to a 3% nsr. VSE approved deal in March, 1999.

Press Release 25Sep00
GCN #48 10Mar99
GCN #13 20Jan99

Triband Resource Corporation  TBD   (ASE)

Works in Mexico through wholly-owned subsidiary Triband de Mexico S.A. de C.V.

CMH 1998-1999

Tumi Resources Limited  TM.V   (TSX)

Cinco Minas, Jalisco. Optioned 100% in Cinco Minas Au-Ag Mine

Press Release 15Oct02

TVI Pacific Inc.   TVI   (TSE)

Junior partner in Echo Bay's Paredones Amarillos project in Baja California Sur.

CSW 1Mar96

TVX Gold Inc.   TVX   (TSE)

Requesting a 5 (old) to 1 (new) consolidation of it's shares to be voted on in a shareholders meeting scheduled for June 27, 2000 in order to maintain it's listing on the NYSE which requires minimum values of $1.00/share. This would leave just under around 36 Million shares outstanding post consolidation.

Press Release 17May00

Junior partner with Valerie Gold Resources Ltd. on 20,800 ha. Matmala Mineral Reserve Project, Guerrero State and has first-right of refusal on same. Has been engaged by Valerie Resources to manage exploration of the project effective immediately. Estimated 1997 exploration expenditures around $5M. Primarily airborne and ground geophysics, geochem on soils, mapping and a minimum of 20,000m drilling. Carl Hansen, Senior geologist at TVX is also the technical manager of Valerie's Matamala Project. Exploration efforts focusing on the Manto America Area.

LAMR December, 1997
LAMR November, 1996
GCN #145 26Jul96
NMN v82#14 06/03/96

Tyler Resources Inc.   TYS   (CDNX)

Active in Mexico as operator of a 50/50 JV arrangement with Golden Rule Resources, Ltd. Delisted from TSE and re-listed on CDNX in August, 2000

Don David Au Property, Chihuahua. Acquired as half owner of a 50/50 JV with Golden Rule a large 3-claim land package totaling 35,989 Ha subject to a 5% npi from Minerales Wulfenita and Consolidated Pine Channel Resources Ltd. TSE approved acquisition. The Don David claim group surround the Bahuerachi Cu-Au prospect owned by the Tyler/Golden Rule JV. Exploration in the past 10 years has outlined significant skarn-hosted CuOx mineralization, PCD potential with gold credit and epithermal structurally related precious and base metal potential.

LAMR February, 1999
GCN #19 28Jan99
GCN #246 23Dec98

Bahuerachi Cu Property, northern Sinaloa. 50/50 JV partners w/Golden Rule Resources Ltd. on 3,285 ha. in the La Reforma Area around 40 km NNE of Choix. Objective is low cost OP SX/EW project. The Guggenheim Company worked main skarn zones here in 1900's. ASARCO drilled wide pattern here in 1970's with best intercept running 1.2% Cu over 39m. Plans drilling as soon as SEMARNAP environmental permits are in place. By March 1997 18 short diamond drill holes were completed totaling 1503m . Economic Cu grades reported in altered volcanics and skarn. As a result of encouraging results additional land was staked. The new claims: Busqueda and La Tigre increase land position of about 35,000 Ha.

GCN 1998-1999
GCN #45 5Mar97
LAMR, v3, #8 Aug 96
MBD July, 96
NMN v82#17 06/24/96
GCN #120 20Jun96

La Cardelena Property, Sonora. A 150 Ha property near Suaqui Grande where in 1994 sampling and mapping were carried out. Further exploration awaits resolution of negotiations for a 10Ha inlier concession.

CMH 1998-1999

Exotica Property, Sonora. A 200 Ha property in the Yaqui River Area adjacent to the Cuatro Hermanos property explored by magma under option from Corner Bay.

CMH 1998-1999