Geological Services

Sr. Undergound ManIMDEX/CASCABEL have experienced personnel ready to tackle virtually all aspects of your exploration project. We tailor our service to YOUR needs and maintain the flexibility to adjust as your projects evolve. If we can't do it ourselves, over 15 years of working in Mexico servicing the mining industry has allowed us to work with most specialty subcontractors in the country. Although we specialize in metals exploration throughout Mexico, we also have experience in industrial minerals and water.

Technical Services Include:

* General Project Logistics
* Geologic Mapping
* Property Evaluation
* Complete Sampling Programs (all media)
* Underground and Surface Surveying
* Claim Staking in Mexico
* Small Mine Rehabilitation and Dewatering
* Interfacing with Surface Owners

Sr. Cliff Guy

* Interfacing with Local Governments
* Negotiations with ejidos when needed
* Drilling Site Preparation
* Drilling Supervision and Support
* Core and Chip Logging
* Sample Shipping, Drafting
* Computerized Data Analysis and GeoStatistics
* CAD maps with Autocad
* GIS with MapInfo/Discover or ArcGIS software