The following short biographic sketches of the three principal partners of IMDEX/Cascabel are probably all that are worth reading; however, for those of you that insist on the complete, boring, gag-yourself-with-all the-details stuff, complete individual resumes are also provided.

Peter K.M. Megaw:

President of IMDEX, Inc. since it's inception in 1988, Peter's initial involvement in Mexican geology was through his MS research at the University at Texas at Austin, and then later his Ph.D. work at the University of Arizona. The former was a mapping and petrologic study of a caldera complex near Chihiuahua City, and the later an in depth geological and geochemical study of the Santa Eulalia Ag-Pb-Zn District, Chihuahua. Fluent in Spanish and active in Mexico for 20 years, Pedro is a well known individual in the Mexican Mining industry. He offers a 1-day seminar on getting started on the right foot in Mexico and short courses on skarn and replacement systems, including field visits. An active mineral collector and dealer in high-quality mineral specimens, Peter has been a very active member in the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society, including President and TGMS Show Committee chairman on several occasions.

Peter's primary foci are carbonate-hosted deposits, property evaluation and acquisition for clients, and getting clients properly oriented in Mexico.


Carl A. "Tony" Kuehn:

Vice-President Exploration of IMDEX, Inc. Tony's introduction to Mexican geology was not until after having moved to Tucson in mid 1987. At that time Tony was just completing his Ph.D. dissertation at Penn State University on the geology and geochemistry of the Carlin Gold Deposit in Nevada. The initial potential indications of recently discovered "Carlin-type" gold deposits in northern Sonora (P.D./Campbell Resources' Santa Gertrudis deposit) caught his attention. In anticipation of the upcoming changes in the Mexican Mining Law, Tony teamed up with Peter early in 1988 to develop a corporate vehicle that would allow for exploration for this new target type in Mexico. Not a Spanish-speaker at that time, Tony's efforts focused on information management and research, in particular the computerization of all resources pertaining to the geology and mineral deposits of Mexico. (The computer gnome's way to learn Spanish and the geology of Mexico simultaneously). This led to the development of MEXBIB and IMDEX/Cascabel's in-house proprietary databases on mineral occurrences throughout Mexico. (Since mid-1996 he has also been the webslave responsible for this site). His present focus is towards developing GIS databases for applied mineral exploration in Mexico.

Tony's primary foci are gold deposits of all kinds, computerized information management (both geologic and mining industry), public relations and client liaison. Tony is also branching out into South American work and has recently consulted in West Africa.


Porfirio Padilla-Lara:

Director General of Minera Cascabel S.A. de C.V., Porfirio speaks English fluently and is extremely well known in the Mexican Mining community in which he has been very active for over 25 years. Porfirio has been involved in all aspects of the Mexican Mining business ranging from working for major Mexican mining companies, as a consultant to foreign major companies operating in Mexico, to operating a drilling services and contract mining company. Having worked for many years for numerous "foreign" mining companies actively exploring Mexico, Porfirio is well versed in target-concepts and objectives on all scales, from small-to-moderate sized companies to large international mining corporations.

Porfirio's primary foci are project and personnel management, property and cultural negotiations, and handling the "hot-seat" in the Hermosillo office. (He is the Jefe de Jefes.)