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Recommended Establishments in Mexico
(State-by-state listings in Regional Section)

(Most recent revision on 03/23/05)

MARQUES (03/22/05)
Oaxaca, Oaxaca
Rating: 5
Brew: Negro Modelo
Comments: Marques is located on the north side of the Zocalo. This is the perfect spot for people watching and caeser salad is made from scratch at your table. Service is quick and friendly. Live music, performers, and the odd political rally add to the spectacle. The Doctor - Rio Minerals Ltd.

Encenada, BCN
Rating: 6
Brew: Tequila
Comments: For an all night party and crazy time go there!!! You will love it!! (Evidently this place made an impression on the submitter. Tequila is the "brew" in a beer place??) 

El FBI  (Famosa Bar El Incindio)
Guanajuato, Guanajuato
Rating: not rated
Brew: Anything goes
Comments: Evidently this one left El Mejor Perfora2001 speechless

La Taberna (04/12/02)
Barrio de San Javier, (Sonora?)
Rating: not rated
Brew: Anything goes
Comments: en esta, todos los mineros de la facultad acudimos ahi (Perfora2001)

Resturante Plaza (01/11/01)
Urique, Chihuahua
Rating: 3 bottles
Brew: Tecate
Comments: At the bottom of a beautiful canyon, in a old mining district, the beers is cold! (Thirsty Anonymous)

Hotel la Quinta
La Pesca, Tamualipas
Rating: 6 bottles
Brew: Fishing(?)
Comments: Best little hotel in Tamualipas. On the Gulf coast sitting on lazy river. 40'
lighted fishing dock. Open 24x7-365. A/C, hot showers and only 2 min. from beach. You
gotta see this! All the pictures and info at this site.

Ayutla  (the whole town evidently) (02/21/00)
Ayutla, Jalisco
Rating: 6 bottles
Brew: None mentioned specifically
Comments: This place is full of beautiful women, and many party scenes. There is a club, and many great seafood "palapas" restaurants (Mexican food here is really Mexican and delicious). The environment is clean, and beautiful. There are many rivers, and beautiful waterfalls where you can swim, and dive. Among the places is "El Salto de Don Juan", El Salto de Los Arrallanes", "Saloya", "La Toma de Agua", and last but not least "Los Guajes". If you are looking for modern Mexico merging with the ancient, then this is your place. (It is more relaxing than Vallarta  - NOTE: I figure this was submitted by the Ayutla Board of Tourist Development)

Garza Flores
Linares, Nuevo Leon, Calle Hidalgo, opposite of the PEMEX gas station
Rating: 5 bottles
Brew: Cuatemoc and Moctezuma - both brands
Comments: If you go there, chances are that you will run into some students, sometimes maestros,of the nearby Facultad de Ciencias de la Tierra de la Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon - this bar is our favorite hangout. It is a geologists place, we are VERY well known there. Chuy the barkeeper will attend you well. Try the bandera - red green and white mexican flag (sangria for red, limon for green, and of course tequila for white). Satisfaction guaranteed. We do quality checks several times a week! 

Yerbabuena, SLP (about 1/2 hour south of Charcas)
Rating: 5 bottles
Brew: Anything
Comments: The friendliest most welcoming group of people in a rural area.

Adelmo's (03/24/99)
San Jose de Gracia, Sinaloa. From Guamuchil head east thru Sinaloa de Leyva and drive another 85 km into nowhere. Town has no utilities, but Adelmo keeps beer cold for gringo geos. Here is a photo of San Jose de Gracia, location of Adelmos beer porch.

Rating: 6 bottles
Brew: Tecate or Modelo
Comments: San Jose de Gracia is an old mining district with a town of 300 or so. Adelmos' is a small beer porch at the entrance to the Minera Finisterra mill site. He's got two propane frigs and will cool special orders for thirsty geos with 12 hour notice. (Roger Malmquist)

El Club Minero (12/15/98)
Plaza Valenciana, Guanajuato
Rating: 2 bottles
Brew: A variety, nothing special
Comments: Some of the miners from the Valenciana hang out there. Good place to score specimen materials from time to time. Miners from the little towns out in the boonies also drop by for a nip and a cold one now and then (Walt Bowser)

Huizar (07/05/98)
DGO/SIN border
Rating: 6 bottles
Brew: Modelo
Comments: Huizar is 6 hours by mule from the highway between Durango and Mazatlan. Beer is available from a local entrepreneur who brings it in by mule every week or two. Although the beer can not be chilled, the people are very hospitable and friendly. We drank over 300 beers together, slaughtered and ate most of a pig and passed out on the jefe's porch at the end of our last geological project. Thanks for a great party Huizar!!! (

Siren (06/16/98)
San Blas, Nayarit
Rating: 5 bottles
Brew: Dos XX Negro
Comments: On the beach, after burning the ticks off. "Attentive" waitresses, 4-piece acoustic band playing. A true Buffett moment. (The Doctor - Rio Minerals Ltd.)

El Ticuz (04/24/98)
Ayutla, Jalisco
Rating: 6 bottles
Brew: Tequila Cazadorez
Comments: Take one shot now and three for the road because in this mining business you never know!

Salsipuedes (04/08/98)
Santo Domingo, Chihuahua
Rating: 2 bottles
Brew: Carta Blanca
Comments: A real pit of a miner's bar ... well named!

San Lorenzo Albarradas (02/22/98)
75 km E of Oaxaca
Rating: 5 bottles
Brew: Mezcal
Comments: Locally distilled, this mezcal is almost clear and comes in 1 or 2 litre unmarked plastic jugs and sells for about $4.00 (1995). Great stuff, very smooth. By the way Pedro, cute azurites in the dumps. ("San" Juan de Los Rios)

Acapulco, Guerrero
Rating: 6 bottles
Brew: Everything (I mean everything!)
Comments: Just ask all the miners at the last International Mining Conference (I was there were you?)

Aqui Me Quedo!
Guanajuato, Guanajuato
Rating: 1 bottle
Brew: Bombillias
Comments: No Hat Banyo (Ya just piss on the floor). Abierto a las 6:00 AM. The best thing is oxtail caldo. Nice family establishment. Frequented by local miners who don't care what time it is just like Battle Mountain, NV. Been there done that. If you can't run with the big dogs: Stay on the porch! Adios (unknown)

Romero's (06/21/97)
East Ensenada, Baja California Norte
Rating: (none)
Brew: Margaritas
Comments: - Hidden away in the SE corner of the cruise ship pier. Only open when the cruise ships are in. Only five stools, but a perfect place to watch the tourists leave the ship. For real enjoyment stay for several hours (drinking margaritas )and watch the tourist come BACK to the ship. No amount of $$$ can buy the entertainment provided by the tourists themselves. I've known Romero for 30 years, his drinks are outstanding - not too much and not too little. Margaritas made from scratch. Bartender excellent. (Baja Brian)

Versalles (06/15/97)
Torreon, Coahuila
Rating: 3 bottles
Brew: Cervesa fria!
Comments: Paela on Thursdays is excellent!!.

NoName Bar in Minera de Opalos (06/03/97)
About 60 mi from Queretaro, Queretaro
Rating: 1 bottles
Brew: Pulque (fresh and raw)
Comments: Gawd awful stuff that pulque. However the opals get prettier and the girls get "less so" as the night goes on. (Walt Bowser)

Las Toninas (05/30/97)
Hermosillos, Sonora
Rating: 0 bottles ?
Brew: Tecate
Comments: Is in front of Skyline Labs (Rating of Zero bottles - and best brew Tecate? The Old Prospector wonders if Mexico doesn't have better bars than this)

Zapote (03/25/97)
Moris, Chihuahua
Rating: 1 bottle
Brew: Sotol
Comments: Miss it if you can, alchohol is illegal and the homebrew is toxic, expensive and will get you in trouble with the local women.

Moechandon (01/30/97)
Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico
Rating: 1 bottles
Brew: Anything
Comments: Go for the entertainment! Go on Friday and sit with your back to the wall. (SH)

Rosas Hotel (12/08/96)
Charcas, SLP about 250 km from SLP at Charcas
Rating: 3 bottles
Brew: Best beer in town
Comments: The Rosas is also the best hotel in town and the owner sells mineral specimens too! Can't beat that. (Pedro)

El Coyamito (12/06/96)
Coyame, Chihuahua about 140 km NE of Chihuahua City
Rating: 3 bottles
Brew: Sotol
Comments: Beer is real cold. Sotol is killer. Cactus Juice - good for starting engines or cold winter evenings. (Luis from Chihuahua)

Chilo's Cantina (12/06/96)
Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua around 25 km E of Chihuahua City
Rating: 4 bottles
Brew: Carta Blanca or Vampiros
Comments: Pick up some minerals while you are there. (anonymous)