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Recommended Establishments Outside of Mexico
(Most recent revision on 03/23/05)

Shamrock Irish Pub "Bar Irlandes" (02/19/05)
North side of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz Department, Bolivia
Rating: 6 bottles
Brew: Sengani 
Comments: Upon my first trip to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, I checked into the Yotao Hotel. The desk attendant gave me a business card for the "Bar Irlandes" Shamrock Irish Pub and he said that is where all the geologists go. He was right! Upon walking into the bar, I recognized a half dozen people and I had been in Bolivia for just 5 hours. It is a small world. This is where you can find out what is going on in town. Salut... Ben Whiting.

Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia
Rating: 4 bottles
Brew: Tiger (Korean) 
Comments: Located adjacent to the Bayongol Hotel in UB. If you can wade through the gentleman geos at the bar, Casablancas offers very nice service and good western food. Lots of expats and trekkers on their first or last night in town makes for interesting conversation. Info courtesy of  "The Doctor" @ Rio Minerals Ltd.

Ger Restaurant (08/03/03)
Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia
Rating: 5 bottles
Brew: Local micro-brew "Chengis" 
Comments: 1 km across the bridge from the Bayongol Hotel in UB, the Ger is, of course, shaped like a Ger and serves authentic Mongolian cuisine as well as westernized versions of such. An on site micro-brewary supplies a steady stream of excellent "Chengis" beer. Prices are about half of Casablancas (see above), portions are generous, and service is friendly. 

The presence of many of the local "business people" makes The Ger a good spot for people watching as well. Info courtesy of  "The Doctor" @ Rio Minerals Ltd.

Honest (?) John's
Detroit, Michigan
Rating: 5 bottles
Brew: Bell's Homegrown 
Comments: A real dive; but interesting/entertaining. Clientele consists of cross section of
population; hookers to politicians who come to drink & shoot the breeze. Definitely not a meat market. Owner is strange but good-hearted. Enjoyable! (Anonymous)

Mongo's Bar (07/30/00)
Just North of Plaza Isibella de la Catolica, La Paz, Bolivia
Rating: 5 bottles
Brew: Pacena 
Comments: Top bar for geos looking for work in Bolivia. Founded by eponymous "Mongo", an American geo living in La Paz. Wall posters are of interest to die-hard mineral freaks only. The attraction of this place (great burgers and great dancing) more than make up for the un-repentantly geological nature of the decorations. Popular with young well-educated Bolivians as well. Top top-class bar just about anywhere in the world, on account of the altitude (12,500' or so). Go early, as I've been tear-gassed at the gate by the rather bored (and I gather very feared within the country) police from nearby station, trying to get in after 1. (Bolivian translation of "late") 

Bolivar Bush Bar
Nominally 50 km SW of El Dorado, Venezuela. (Didn't have my GPS that day, so location is uncertain) 
Rating: 6 bottles
Brew: Vine Drippings - homemade 
Comments: Chaparilla vine wine saved my butt numerous times while plying the selvas for the yellow metal.  This stuff is great on days when you have become one with the humidity and your drinking you sweat.  The Vine Spectator reports: "vine wine is slightly sweet on the palette, fizzy like drinking from the faucet, with a delicate finish of bark and ant residue." (photo attached). Cheers 

The Castle
Shkodėr, Albania
Rating: 5 bottles
Brew: Heinie
Comments: Centuries old castle on the hilltop overlooking the town with a view across the Lake Scutari into Montenegro. Very nice people, with good hearts. Don't go out after dark. (The Doctor - Rio Minerals Limited)

San Francisco, CA
Rating: 6 bottles
Brew: Anchor Liberty Ale
Comments: Located in the Lower haight District where the wildlife is truely amazing. Over 30+ beers on draft at any given time, sometimes including Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale (deadly stuff!!). Divey atmosphere and local color. If you are visiting the big city, JFish says check it out!!

College Hill Sundries (11/28/98)
Greensboro, NC
Rating: 6 bottles
Brew: Young's Oatmeal Stout
Comments: Very small bar in the historic section of Greensboro, near UNC-Greensboro. By far, one of the coolest hang-outs. Very eclectic crowd. Known for its great jukebox and pinball machines. Best of all, they only serve beer (no liquor).

Pele's Back Yard (08/05/98)
Village of Kelana, Mali, West Africa
Rating: 4 bottles
Brew: Castle (not only the best, but the only)
Comments: none

Rasta Pasta (04/13/98)
San Pedro, Ambergis Caye, Belize
Rating: 4 bottles
Brew: Belikin (Belizian brew)
Comments: Home grown Caribbean/C.A. blend of Rasta Music on Saturdays and Sundays. We be jammin' right on the beach - middle of town. Everybody in this country is on vacation. Vacation as vocation - what a concept. Conch fritters to die for. Jerk chicken is good too.

Nimbus Brewing Co. (04/08/98)
Tucson, AZ
Rating: 6 bottles
Brew: Nimbus Stout
Comments: Great Brew-Pub without any yuppie pretensions. Surprisingly good brews - a welcome discovery in this desert.

The Bush Bar (09/10/97)
Downtown "Nuevo" Sadiola, Mali, West Africa
Rating: 3 bottles
Brew: Cold bottled "_____", a South African Brew so memorable I forgot.
Comments: Personal reconnaissance confirms they got chickens running around after bugs. Ever-so-cordial hostesses. Better speak French or Bambara. (CAK)

Slash X Ranch Cafe (06/24/97)
20 mi W. of Barstow, CA
Rating: 4 bottles
Brew: Frigid Draught Beer
Comments: Giant baseball hat collection. Bring your Bike (ATV)

No Name Posted (06/21/97)
Halfway between Harare and KweKwe, Zimbabwe
Rating: 3 bottles
Brew: Beer - no other labels
Comments: Extremely hot day, beer cooler was propane powered, coldest and best beer ever tasted, anywhere in the world. Don't go in without a local escort (regardless of what color you are). Definately a "local " hangout. The bar top is made out of one "very large" tree. Most impressive.

The Hotel Bar (06/07/97)
Downtown Babanago, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Rating: 4 bottles
Brew: Windhoek Lager
Comments: Only has room for about 6 at the bar; most of the place in this establishment is taken up by the world's most complete collections of "Boerenalia" and the owner's rather large Great Dane.

PepeLu's (02/23/97)
Danli, Honduras, Central America
Rating: 6 bottles
Brew: Bottled Heinekin available
Comments: Great beefsteaks (PepeLu's has their own cattle). English spoken. Popular hangout.

Montana Creek Bar (12/23/96)
About 150 miles N of Ancohrage, AK
Rating: 3 bottles
Brew: Coors and JD chasers - thats all they have
Comments: Good place to get out of the rain and play pool with the abundant local local(?) (anonymous - sounds like a really big guy to me)

Longbranch Saloon
Luning Nevada around 50 mi S of Hawthorne (is that a real town?)
Rating: 2 bottles
Brew: Miller Genuine Draft
Comments: Great WWII decor (anonymous)

Broken Arrow Pub (12/10/96)
Western Australia around 250 km E of Kalgoorlie
Rating: 5 bottles
Brew: Victoria Bitter
Comments: You see a lot of geologists in this place. Go Figure. (anonymous)