Name changed June 3, 1998 to Dynamix Corporation, share for share. Engaged in oil & gas industry. Adios Muchachos!!

(EX-) Dakota Resources Ltd. 

Corporate offices in Calgary focused on small high-grade deposits with a mobile recovery unit in Mexico. Acquired 300 ha. El Porvenir Au-Ag property in Chihuahua. Plans are to dewater underground workings and use nearby mill for metallurgical tests. Advising Dakota regarding prior reports of 2 million tons grading 0.3 opt Au is J.F. Touboug Consultants. They are bagging diamond exploration in Saskatchewan and focusing on Au properties in Mexico and the Yellowknife area.

CSW 14Feb97
NMN 10/28/96
CSW 11Oct96
CSW 27Sep96

A California registered consultant, Mr. Robert C. Bryant, reported on a specific property in Chihuahua (which may or may not be El Porvenir). A Mexican mining engineer has been retained in Durango who will identify a large number of acquisition opportunities there for Dakota

CSW 24Jan97