Minera Cascabel Corporate Profile LogoMinera Cascabel S.A. de C.V. is a privately held geological consulting company specializing in providing a complete range of contract exploration services to the mining industry. It is the Mexican operating company of IMDEX, Inc. Minera Cascabel's main office is located in Hermosillo, Sonora and a field office is maintained in Chihuahua City. Minera Cascabel does not engage in independent exploration and thereby directly compete with it's client base. However, Minera Cascabel does routinely review submittal properties and brings interested foreign exploration companies together with a broad range of opportunities in Mexico on a finder's fee basis. If you have a property in Mexico you wish to shop around, bring it to the attention of Cascabel's office in Hermosillo. Cascabel has also inherited a portfolio of properties over the 15 years it has been active in Mexico through quit-claim agreements with prior client-owners, open sorteos etc. Unless otherwise noted all these properties are available for purchase/option. Contact pmegaw@imdex.com for details.

Minera Cascabel S.A. de C.V.

Ing. Porfirio Padilla Lara, President
Ave. Trece, No. 100
Col. Bugambilias
Hermosillo, Sonora 83140
PH: (52) (662) 215-7477
FX: (52) (662) 215-8622

Don Fippi, Batopilas District, Chihuahua. A large 4,300 land package roughly 8 km by 5 km centered directly over the highly productive and historic Batopilas Silver District. Cascabel has continued to consolidate it's ownership in the district since becoming involved in the area nearly 10 years ago.  Numerous additional internal claims have been acquired over the years through application. These include 100% interest in the El Centanario, Porfirio Diaz Tunnel, Pastrana, Las Cruces, San Martin, Ampl. de San Martin and Nuevo Todos Santos concessions. The historic Batopilas district still contains a few small internal claims owned by third parties who are eager to negotiate to sew the entire area together. 
To date, the Batopilas Mining District has produced approximately 300 million ounces of silver from more than 65 mine workings, many of which are covered by the approximately 4,300 hectare (10,000 acres) Don Fippi Claim. This area is easily accessible by road and lies just to the south of Chihuahua's famous Barranca del Cobre or Copper Canyon. Historically, silver production at Batopilas was primarily from extremely high-grade orebodies containing crystalline native silver and occurring erratically along a series of northwest trending structures. Ore was designated as either "direct-smelting" or "milling" and between 1880 and 1913 the direct smelting ore averaged 8,000 grams (257 oz) silver / ton. Some of the high-grade ore was comprised of up to 75 % silver. Milling ores are reported to have averaged about 265 grams (8.5 oz) silver / ton. The area has received little attention since about 1914 when the Mexican Revolution caused the cessation of mining activities. The exceptionally high-grade nature of the Batopilas ore mineralization should facilitate the use of modern, deep-penetrating geophysical surveys, such as CSAMT. This district is ripe for modern methods to discover and develop small to medium-sized, extremely high-grade orebodies that would still make a ton of money quickly even if Ag was priced as low as $0.50/oz. As of 3Q01 Don Fippi is presently available for option. Contact pmegaw@imdex.com

GuiGui, Santa Eulalia District, Chihuahua. A conceptual carbonate replacement exploration project located at the south end of the historic Santa Eulalia district was optioned to Advanced Projects Ltd. who were planning to drill this in 2Q99. Deep IP and CSMAT run in 1992 by BHP identified potentially very attractive proximal skarn mineralization at depth on this 4077 Ha land package. Drill permits are in place for 12 holes. Because financing could not be arranged this property was written off by Advanced Projects in 1999 and now is back with IMDEX/Cascabel. As of 3Q01 GuiGui is presently available for option. Contact

Mina El Rey de la Jibosa, Zona Mineralizada Los Reyes, Chihuahua. A skarn-hosted CuOxide property located on 36 hectares with excellent infrastructure just outside the city of Jiminez and less than a mile from the highway,  power and railroad. Obtained through the open lottery system in June, 2001. Contact is oriented at N15W and dips 65 degrees NE. Prior production in the 1950's through multiple shafts and levels. Eyeballed average of 40 assays in old mines indicates about 2% Cu, 10 gpt Ag, 2-6% Zn, and 1% Pb. There may be as much as 18 to 20 million tonnes of 1.5% to 2.0% Cu in oxides still in reserves.
As of 3Q01  Jibosa is presently available for option. Contact pmegaw@imdex.com

Don Jose/Cinco de Mayo
, Chihuahua. District land holdings presently exceed 10,000 ha and they were returned to IMDEX/Cascabel by Teck Resources in early 2000. Project is located about 10 km NW of Ejido Benito Juarez which is around 50 km from Villa Ahumada. A distal CRD target located along "main street" as far as Chihuahua's largest CRD/skarn systems in concerned. More-or-less a "blind" system that is grossly under-explored because what is thought to be the largest part of it lies under a thin veneer of Tertiary alluvial cover. Contact 

Cruz del Mayo 2
, Sonora. A silver-bearing silicified breccia zone NW of Cumpas near the village of Concepcion in the Municipio of Cumpas. A 464 ha concession with vein and disseminated Ag mineralization hosted in rhyolites adjacent to the Gueriguito claim that was drilled by Tormex in the 1970's. Silicification is so intense the material has been shipped as smelter flux in the past. Possibility exists for 3 to 5 million tonnes of around 5 ounce Ag in an small open-pit configuration.

La Ofelia/Sobechi Au Property, Sonora. East of Hermosillo and north of Mazatan. A sediment-hosted gold play with silicified replacements along structures in silty Mesozoic carbonate rocks. Strongly anomalous gold and associated trace elements can be traced along the surface for over 500 m along strike

MINERAL SPECIMEN LOCALITIES: Available for contact crystal extraction and mineral collection contact

Los Lamentos, Chihuahua. One of the world's most classic wulfenite locality under contract to Minera Cascabel as of 2Q01. Effort to begin contract specimen mining is underway.

Agata, Chihuahua. A classic laguna agate locality.

Flor de Pena, Nuevo Leon. Type locality for legrandite, a very showy hydrated Zn arsenate initially identified and described in 1963.

El Durazno, Sonora. A 30 Ha concession staked over a classic wulfenite mineral specimen locality.

, Chihuahua. A 275 Ha concession staked over a amazonite-bearing pegmatite locality in Mpio. Coronado.