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Mexican Governmental Agencies that really do matter

Direccion General de Promocion Minera- DGPM is the primary unit of the Secretaria de Economia designed to promote and facilitate Mining and investment in the country's Non-Renewable Natural Resource Sector. They have an awesome links (ligas) page. Full copies of the three primary documents governing the Mining in Mexico are available at this site: 1) The Mining Law, 2) Reglamentos and 3) Public Service Manual.  There is a comprehensive mining legislation section - including a cross correlation table of how the Mining Law and the Environmental Laws of Mexico interface.

Direccion General de Minas- A site that is full of useful information including the systematic cancellation of claims that is published in the Diario Official.

Consejo de Recursos Minerales: - Mexico's Geological Survey, COREMIN is the federal agency whose mission is to generate source data for use in the exploration for and exploitation of non-renewable natural resources in Mexico. Geologic Maps and the State Monograph Series are only two products.

Fidecomiso de Fomento Minero

Camara Minera de Mexico

- Mexico's governmental agency that publishes all their topo, geol maps, etc. also has an english version of their home page because extra˝jeros buy a lot of maps.

C.I.C.E.S.E. - Scientific Investigation Center for Technological and Advanced Studies in Earth Sciences, Oceanology and Applied Physics.

SEMARNAP: The Mexican equivalent to the EPA - an agency that controls applications for drilling permits etc. You can't live with them - but you can't live without them. 

National Astronomic Observatory: O.A.N. -