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Library and Literature Resources - Books, Books, Books

International Archive of Economic Geology: Located in Laramie, Wyoming, USA, this archive contains The Anaconda Files as well as the personel papers of a rash of geologists that worked in Mexico in the early 1900's

Association of Research Libraries: Front door to Brown, John Hopkins, Harvard, McGill, Stanford etc.

Hytelnet at U.C. Berkeley: Telnet access information to library catalogs around the world.

LibWeb: Another site at U.C. Berkeley that lists over 1000 libraries in 45 countries that are WWW accessible.

Reference and Research: General utility research tool for Internet

Electronic Journal Access: List of electronic data sources available via various channels including Listservers.

Ed Rogers Books: Rare and Out-of-Print Geoscience books on Regional Geology, Mineralogy, Mining & Paleontology.