Other Web Resources

Other Mexican information

Mexico Connect: An electronic magazine with all kinds of good stuff including a hefty links section. Good place to start gathering information.

Yahoo Country Guide: Mexico: Weblink Nexus to Mexico courtesy of Yahoo Search Engine.

El Mundo Minero: Mexico's premier Mining Journal - online.

LatinWorld - Mexico: General Mexico reference and jump-off point brought to you by NetPoint Communications in Miami. Among other things this site can access all sorts of newspapers from all over Mexico

Mexican Culture and Folklore: Some things that you might be interested in brought to you by University of Guadalajara.

General Information on Mexico: A place to start if you don't know where Mexico is.

T.R.I.P.: Transboundary Resource Inventory Centre

World Travel Guide: Useful stuff from all over the world - including Mexico (NOTE: Big $ from AT&T supports this site - and it shows!)

Windows on the World: Vacation options in Mexico from soup to nuts. (Hotels, resorts, tour packages etc.)

Tourist Information on Zacatecas: In addition to being beautiful, having a great colonial history and being full of mineral resources, this state produces some really good wines.