Other Web Resources

Websites that list available mineral properties - not strictly Mexico

MineMarket.com A mineral property registry serving mineral prospectors, exploration companies and mining corporations worldwide. This is an advertising and promotional forum, not a brokerage company. Marketing campaigns require a substantial commitment of administrative time and effort. MineMarket.com's provides major mining companies a very low cost alternative to terminating or dumping its interest in a property because its too time consuming or expensive to engage in property marketing.

MBI Mining Brokers Inc. A mining property brokerage or middle-man website that claims to have successfully brokered agreements on over 150 properties worldwide in 7 years of business. According to MBI it operates through over 3,000 contacts in the mining world and has a database of thousands of properties and is dedicated to personalized, results oriented direct sales and marketing services

MBD Mineral Business Development: MBD sells, options or joint ventures mining and exploration projects. All mineral commodities are covered including platinoids, precious metals, base metals, gemstones, diamonds, industrial minerals, rare earths, coal and iron. Not geographically specific. A lot in Africa and Indo-Australia Region.

GEOLISTING.com: A bulletin board. As with any bulletin board, no information has been verified. It is the sole responsibility of anyone using the information on this site to complete a thorough due diligence to confirm the validity, accuracy and truthfullness of all information presented in the postings. Well-organized searchable database with a couple of Mexican Properties. 

Info-Mine Property Pavillion: A special exposition of mineral properties available for acquisition, option or joint-venture

Canada Claim-Net: Mostly properties out in Ontario.