Other Web Resources

TechnoSites that helps you explore

Zonge Engineering: These geowiz guys have toys and will travel! Used to working almost everywhere.

UV Systems: Great selection of hand-held UV lights for underground maping and core-logging for scheelite etc. 

RadarSat: A new look at side scanning radar images. Custom fly your own area. Pretty neat stuff.

EarthSat: Eventually everyone that uses imagery comes from here in one way or another.

PhotoSat: Imaging including stereo Aster

TM Images of Mexico: Clifton-Campbell Imaging re-sells older versions of Landsat TM data and have a nifty sneak preview Map-Info driven site.

GeoImage: An Australian company that specializes in processing images at a budget you can afford. The trick is acquiring a little older images. At this scale do the rocks really care?

Gibson's Gravity & Magnetics Mall: A place trying to make sense of available geophysical resources - especially gravity and magnetics information resources on the internet - worldwide.