Regional - 06 Chihuahua


Economic Development of Chihuahua
Desarrollo Económico del Estado de Chihuahua
Libertad 1300
Edificio Agustín Melgar
Chihuahua, Chih, 31000
Tel.: (52-14) 29-33-27 / 10-99-48 / 10-85-56
Fax: (52-14) 16-00-32

Ministry of Trade and Industry
Secretaría de Comercio y Fomento Industrial
(SECOFI - Chihuahua)
Calle 18 de Marzo 3107
Edif. Plaza Chihuahua Piso 2
Col. Centro
Chihuahua, Chih, 31000
Tel.: (52-14) 10-80-79 / 10-88-36
Fax: (52-14) 10-87-08

Global Business Service  GBS
GBS is a professional business and management firm, dedicated to
helping international investors expand their operations into Mexico. 

Chihuahua Now, Inc
Chihuahua Now, Inc
Don Quijote de la Mancha 1
Complejo Industrial Chihuahua
Chihuahua, Chih, 31000
Tel.: (52-14) 81-08-88 / 81-08-48
Fax: (52-14) 81-20-48

Recommended Watering Holes

Resturante Plaza (01/11/01)
Urique, Chihuahua
Rating: 3 bottles
Brew: Tecate
Comments: At the bottom of a beautiful canyon, in a old mining district, the beers is cold! (Thirsty Anonymous)

Santo Domingo, Chihuahua
Rating: 2 bottles
Brew: Carta Blanca
Comments: A real pit of a miner's bar ... well named!

Zapote (03/25/97)
Moris, Chihuahua
Rating: 1 bottle
Brew: Sotol
Comments: Miss it if you can, alchohol is illegal and the homebrew is toxic, expensive and will get you in trouble with the local women.

El Coyamito (12/06/96)
Coyame, Chihuahua about 140 km NE of Chihuahua City
Rating: 3 bottles
Brew: Sotol
Comments: Beer is real cold. Sotol is killer. Cactus Juice - good for starting engines or cold winter evenings. (Luis from Chihuahua)

Chilo's Cantina (12/06/96)
Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua around 25 km E of Chihuahua City
Rating: 4 bottles
Brew: Carta Blanca or Vampiros
Comments: Pick up some minerals while you are there. (anonymous)