Regional - 10 Durango


Economic Development of Durango
Desarrollo Económico del Estado de Durango
5 de Febrero 913 Pte.
Col. Centro
Durango, Dgo, 34000
Tel.: (52-18) 12-11-21 / 12-48-08 / 11-35-63
Fax: (52-18) 12-48-08

Ministry of Trade and Industry 
Secretaría de Comercio y Fomento Industrial
(SECOFI - Durango)
Ave. Normal y Anillo Circunvalación 99
Edif. Plaza Guadiana
Durango, Dgo, 34070
Tel.: (52-18) 12-09-05 / 12-27-75 / 12-03-10
Fax: (52-18) 12-85-80

Recommended Watering Holes

Huizar (07/05/98)
DGO/SIN border
Rating: 6 bottles
Brew: Modelo
Comments: Huizar is 6 hours by mule from the highway between Durango and Mazatlan. Beer is available from a local entrepreneur who brings it in by mule every week or two. Although the beer can not be chilled, the people are very hospitable and friendly. We drank over 300 beers together, slaughtered and ate most of a pig and passed out on the jefe's porch at the end of our last geological project. Thanks for a great party Huizar!!! (