Regional - 14 Jalisco


Economic Development of Jalisco
Desarrollo Económico del Estado de Jalisco
Prol. Alcalde 1351, Edificio B, 3er Piso 
Col. Miraflores
Guadalajara, Jal, 44270
Tel.: (523) 823-6206 / 823-6259
Fax: (523) 823-3972

Ministry of Trade and Industry 
Secretaría de Comercio y Fomento Industrial.
(SECOFI - Guadalajara)
Circunvalación Agustín Yañez 2575
Col. Arcos Sur
Guadalajara, Jal, 
Tel.: (523) 616-6123 / 616-6126

Guadalajara World Trade Center
GWTC (Guadalajara World Trade Center)
Av. de las Rosas 2965
Guadalajara, Jal, 44540
Tel.: (523) 6-71-0000
Fax: (523) 6-71-0017 (523) 616-6163

Recommended Watering Holes

Ayutla  (the whole town evidently) (02/21/00)
Ayutla, Jalisco
Rating: 6 bottles
Brew: None mentioned specifically
Comments: This place is full of beautiful women, and many party scenes. There is a club, and many great seafood "palapas" restaurants (Mexican food here is really Mexican and delicious). The environment is clean, and beautiful. There are many rivers, and beautiful waterfalls where you can swim, and dive. Among the places is "El Salto de Don Juan", El Salto de Los Arrallanes", "Saloya", "La Toma de Agua", and last but not least "Los Guajes". If you are looking for modern Mexico merging with the ancient, then this is your place. (It is more relaxing than Vallarta  - NOTE: I figure this was submitted by the Ayutla Board of Tourist Development)

El Ticuz
Ayutla, Jalisco
Rating: 6 bottles
Brew: Tequila Cazadorez
Comments: Take one shot now and three for the road because in this mining business you never know!

Article on Mining in Jalisco - Past and Present (September, 1998)

"EL PILON" en San Martin de Bolanos - Principal productor de plata en Jalisco (September, 1998)