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IMDEX and Cascabel are just trying to give you an idea of what mining companies are presently up to, or at least what they were up to recently in Mexico. NOTE: All of the factual contents of the "Un-official Directory" are paraphrased or shorthanded excerpts from news releases, newsletters, periodicals, newswires, etc. The most recent and relevant of these sources are cited beneath the scuttlebutt for each company (note some of the older publication dates!)

IMDEX/Cascabel works with a lot of companies on a lot of different projects...but don't expect to find that information here. A good deal of what is really happening in Mexico is not listed here since it has not officially been made public. The data on this WebSite are not just rumors that we made up...somebody else said it first! If the information is not precise, or even if you happen to think it is a bold-faced lie: it is not our fault --- Check the references for more details. Information sources with some sort of a WWW presence are linked under "References". Better yet, whenever possible go directly to the mining companies linked through the "Un-Official Directory" for the latest information straight from the horses mouth (mouth?).

If you feel information listed here is wrong, imprecise or in some way mis-represents your company, please e-mail so he can get it right. Likewise, if your company is active in Mexico and you want to get your information out on this site more quickly, please e-mail news releases directly to and save him the trouble of digging through all those trade publications. (He also checks IMDEX's FAX, but it tends to run out of paper a lot when he goes to the field.)