Our goal is to develop a "one-stop shopping" nexus directly targeted for the Mexican Exploration & Mining Scene. There are other Info-$ources for the mining industry out there on the Web, but none are focused specifically on our favorite specialty market: Mexico!

MINING COMPANIES -- Promoting Your Company:

If you want to increase your profile on this particular WebSite, then please check out Promoting Your Company, or simply contact us and let's talk costs and logistics. We can help you significantly upgrade your corporate profile on the Internet. The biggest www fallacy is that if you have a really neat company website, it will naturally receive a lot of traffic. (Bull*#%@). The Old Prospector call this the "Field of Dreams" fallacy. --> "If you build it they will come!". (NOT) You need to focus internet traffic to you site from well-visited, high-volume, utilitarian "launch-pads" like this website. Presently this site receives around 2500 visits monthly from 1750 to 2000 unique visitors. For a just a few advertising scheckles you can bolster your already significant website investment in designing and maintaining your own corporate web presence by making a "pitch" for people to go there right here on www.imdex.com. You also get good advertising exposure on this site for solicitation of submittals etc. Active e-mail links it increases your company's ability to communicate directly with you.

By the way, if you are active in Mexico, on the WWWeb somewhere and think you belong on this WebSite and somehow we missed you and we haven't linked over to it yet, then contact the webmaster@imdex.com and chew him out. NOTE: Mexican Mining Corporations are under-represented in the Un-Official Directory because they do not publicize much in the North American trade journals. If you represent them, please send us stuff (Se habla espanol...no hay problema para trasducirlo!).

SERVICE COMPANIES -- Promoting Your Company:

The Service Directory is new in 1999. Contacting ckuehn@imdex.com is necessary to get your company's information entered into the directory. The idea is for this to serve as sort of a hyper-linked "cyber-yellow-pages" for the Mexican-focused mining industry to aid in it's mineral exploration and development of that country. All listings are encouraged, linked listings to internet sites elsewhere on the web are really encouraged. This Service Directory will be functionally similar to the popular Un-Official Mining Directory, but include assay labs, geophysical contractors, drilling companies, etc. IF YOU WORK THERE THIS IS COST-EFFECTIVE EXPOSURE.

There a skeletal list of categories which serves as a master Table of Contents. As information is made available the categories will be "bookmarked" and linked over to a set of alphabetic content pages that contain the specific information and external links to other websites. If you want to add categories or want your phone and contact information listed under multiple headings just let me know. The basic structure of the directory is already in place.

The Service Directory will intentionally not be "database driven" such as directories presently on InfoMine, SECOFI (Mexico Mining Centre) or Randol's websites. WYSIWYG. This is so you can leisurely "browse" by category for what you are looking for. This also allows you to see just how much information is (or is not) available. You can stop wondering if you or their computer searched correctly. You don't need to know exactly what you are looking for before you find it. (Let your mouse do the walking through the cyberpages!)