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Hans von Michaelis has published a new and revised version of Randol's epic Mexican Mining Directory. If you are even thinking of Mexico in any way (other than which beaches to go to), tap your budget and call (800) 726-3652 or (303) 536-1626. Probably the most extensive directory of it's type directly focused on the Mexican Mining Scene. It's a bargin considering it should easily have a shelf-life of at least a few years, just like the 1994 version did.  Hans and his elves also just put up a killer website. Check it out!

Mining Business Digest - Mexico Map 1997 editionmbdlogo2.gif (13836 bytes)

Dave Fitch, in conjunction with Mining Business Digest has published a 1:2,500,000 country-scale wall-map of Mexico with 300 Active Metals & Exploration Properties plotted on a simplified digital version of the latest country-wide geological map of Mexico (Edition 5a 1992) as a base. A report (one-page per property) and spreadsheet with supplemental information are also available. These products an be obtained digitally as a raster file or a MapInfo workspace file with tables. Click on MBD logo to pop over to MBD's website for more information, prices and FAX order form etc.

Western Mine Engineering Inc.
Your Cost Data Resource Center. Produced a 1997 compilation of Latin American Mine Wages, Salaries & Benefits from numerous countries around the world including Volume 2 on Mexico. These data help you design competitive compensation plans for your domestic, national and expatriate employees. E-mail for more info at:

Specialty Technical Publisher Inc.

These guys publish at least two items of interest to exploartion groups active in Mexico. The first is a three Volume set called Mexico: Environmental Laws and Norms (in english) and the second is manual para Gestión Ambiental en Mexico. For more info E-mail them at or check out their web page at