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ExpoMin Chihuahua 2004: V Conferencia Internacional de Minera, Chihuahua, Chihuahua April 28-30, 2004

Districto Chihuahua of the Asociacion de Ingenieros de Minas Metalurgisticas y Geologos de Mexico, A.C. is organizing this event.  Event will be at the Hotel Westin Soberano

This event is held every 2 years, the last meeting being in October, 2002.  The focus will again be on Mining, Society and the Environment. The main objective is to show recent developments in exploration in Northern Mexico, and provide an arena where investment in mining ventures can be negotiated.

Several post-conference tours are being organized for May 1st. One to Grupo Mexico´s Santa Barbara silver mine near Parral, and a second tour to Glamis Gold's El Sauzal Mine and the third is to the Ocampo District, currently being prepared for production by Bolnesi & further explored by Gammon Lake Resources.

Other contacts include Ing. Rosalio Cazares Llamas Ing guillermo Rose Gomez Leopoldo Rascon Lopez lrasconlopez@hotmail .com Ing. Alfredo ornelas Hernandez and Ing. Jose Francisco Parades Aguayo For more information go to :

VI Seminario Minero Internacional, Hermosillo, Sonora October 19-23, 2004

Districto Sonora of the Asociacion de Ingenieros de Minas Metalurgisticas y Geologos de Mexico, A.C. is hosting this event "Los Recursos Minerales y su Imapato en el Desarrolo". It id the Ing. Victor M. Juvera gaxiolo edition. Coordinador: Jesus Leobardo Valenzuela G. Comite Tecnico: Francisco Cendejas Cruz Expo Minera Mario Campo Morales (662) 214 1666 Registration Jaime Islas Lopez