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Canada NewsWire Portolio E-Mail Service
Keep informed with your own ABSOLUTELY FREE Personalized NewsWire Service via automatic E-mail either directly to you in real time or saved in a personalized mailbox for you to retrieve. You select exactly which companies from which to receive Press Releases from a list of 565 companies presently classified in a Mining + Metals Industry Group.

Automatic E-Mail Service via Canadian Corporate News.
Another COST FREE E-Mail delivery service where you select from a long alphabetized list of companies who file their Press Releases via Canadian Corporate News. Automatic delivery or personalized Mail Box options are provided. These guys also have a nifty search engine that can pull up all News Releases by keyword - for example "Mexico" or "Zacatecas" or stock symbol, or company name. NewsNets' two relevant catagories where Mining and Exploration Press Releases might be filed are "Mining+Precious+Metals" and "Mining+Base+Industrial". The time frame for their online archives goes back to around August, 1996.

Yahoo Internet Search Engine provides an automatic search for the last week to 10 days worth of press releases related to the mining industry. This very efficient URL pulls them all down, so you have to hunt and pick for the Mexico related items; however, a convinient search function lets you do that quite easily. This FREE service is however, much more efficient than waiting for your weekly trade periodical to arrive in your mailbox and you just can't beat the price of the subscription. Remember - Free is Good!!!.