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RSI's - AZTEC 2.0 Mexico Database in GIS Format

Resource Science, Inc. in a collaboration with IMDEX, Inc. is constructing a GIS database system for Mexico using public-domain data from a variety of sources. For more information on this product click on: AZTEC 2.0: The Mexico DataSystem. AZTEC CalenderIncludes a planned series of more detailed submodules for "hot" exploration regions, the first of which covers the Morelos Reserve Area. The States of Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi are the first out of the chute with comprehensive site data well above and beyond MRDS. This is the perfect platform to organize your own in-house exploration data if you are active in Mexico. Additional Mexico resources from Geomatics and RadarSat slip easily into this GIS platform.

Consejo' Interactive Website Resources Map 
An intractive zoom-in on the fly map of Mexico's mineral resources as presented from the Monograph series. Neat info-tool allows you to identify names of prospects. 

SECOFI Website - Mexican Mining Information Centre
A must-see information source on the web specifically designed by the Mexican Foreign Trade Bank and the Ministry of Trade and Industrial Development for the Mexican Mining Scene. Includes full text of the Mexican Mining Law and information on pending bids on National Reserve Properties, investment opportunities etc. Wow! - A really useful and well-designed website. Also listed on this website under "Other Web Resources - Government"  and "Robust Information Sources" as Mexican Mining Information Center.

Dave Fitch's Maps of Mexican Mines and Exploration Projects
Gold-Silver Deposits Map
Copper Deposits Map
Polymetallic Deposits Map

David C. Fitch published this set of maps in late 1996 - early 1997 showing Mines and Exploration Projects in Mexico. They came out in articles over several editions of Frank Ludeman's Mining Business Digest and also were printed in color in V.3, No. 4 (Winter, 1996) of the Randol's Mining Opportunity Bulletin. 

Dave is an independent consulting geologist who can be reached in Reno at 1-(800) 869-3714 or (775) 829-9990 or FAX (775) 829-0705 or by e-mail at  on his new (1Q00) website at His January, 1999 re-worked versions of these same articles are downloadable from his website in two parts as a couple of .pdf files. 

El Viejo Gambusino attempted to map the images with links so they connect back to the companies and property descriptions within the Un-Official Directory. Companies come and go, they merge, they consolidate or change their names,  properties change hands etc.- especially in depressed metal price cycles. Unfortunately - outdated links die harder!! (Have faith however, this has recently seen some work )