The following source materials are scoured over regularly with a fine toothed comb by a myriad of myopic gnomes in order to present you with all this good stuff. This list represents about all the periodicals we can afford to subscribe to and read on a regular basis. We acknowledge it is far from comprehensive, but heck we tried. If you publish relevant material that contains useful information that would help this WebSite serve its target audience, then please contact us. In exchange for a FREE SUBSCRIPTION we would gladly include appropriately credited material on this WebSite.

CMJ: International California Mining Journal A prospecting-type publication that comes out once a month. The classified ads for dowsing tools and special boxes that can see gold anywhere are a real hoot! (Occasional stuff on Mexico, but not company specific and it ain't too darn technical.)
CSW: Canada Stockwatch Western Edition A really useful and comprehensive listing of all the goings on that week printed in a font so tiny you can barely read it. Daily, Weekly or Monthly, Personal Newswire E-mail service --your call. Also their website has a very useful subscription service
CMH: Canadian Mines Handbook, or digital version: MineSCAN The yearly Southam Magazine & Information Group Bible of the Canadian Mining Industry which is also printed in some kind of special micro-font. Check out the digital version and save your eyes- MineSCAN Rocks! AMH is American Mines Handbook - paper copy or digital. So far Southam has not combined both databases for a simplified search.
DREGS: Denver Regional Geologists Society Abstracts to monthly meetings. Sometimes these guys have talks on stuff going on south of the border since most of them work there anyways.
EMJ: Engineering & Mining Journal An old standard with the "Exploration Roundup" and "This Month in Mining" sections being the main source for news on Mexico.
GSN: Geological Society of Nevada Newsletter Extended abstracts to its monthly meetings occasionally include talks on Mexican Projects. They include diagrams and figures not published in any other format except maybe corporate annual reports.
GCN: George Cross Newsletter A daily 6-10 pager mailed directly to your home/office. Occasionally chuck full of good stuff on Mexico. The maps, figures, tables and diagrams that don't usually come out over e-mail services or the newswires are well worth the cost of the subscription.
WWW info: The Web Wherever you go - there you are!!
LAMR: Latin American Mining Record A monthly publication by Howell Publishing that usually contains a lot of good stuff. Good list of company stocks grouped by country.
MBD: Mining Business Digest Frank Ludeman's monthly publication is a gem! Don't leave home without one. Robust charts and tabulated data. Best organized, most lucid and concise presentation of data of the entire mining industry. The Oracle knows all, and some is "off the record".
SME/ME: Mining Engineering Monthly publication of Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration. Exploration Roundup notes grouped geographically sometimes contain juicy tidbits.
NewsMine: Robertson InfoMine Mailserver A Listserver. Useful E-mailing list to be on. A few companies pay $$$ to have their news releases dispersed via this mailserver. 
PAY: Paydirt Magazine Published monthly in Bisbee, AZ. This old standby used to be delivered in both Southwestern and Rocky Mountain editions that appear to have merged in early 1996. Occasional good Mexico stuff, especially on Arizona-based companies like P.D.
Randol: Conferences Exhibitors at "Randol at Vancouver '96" or "Randol Mexico Mining '97". Booth material usually includes Annual Reports, Press Releases, Investor Summaries and your typical corporate propaganda.
RMOB: Randol International's Mining Opportunity Bulletin Hans von Michaelis' Randol group delivers this newspaper four times a year. Focus often is international with full articles on recent developments and country trends.
SEG: Society of Economic Geologists Started publishing a monthly Newsletter in April of 1990 that contains a region by region rumor mill. Mexico is handled by Noranda's own ever-vigilant Bob Page who's monthly column is a welcome belly-laugh of juicy tidbits delivered from a refreshing off-center perspective. However, since Bob's friends now start all their conversations with " I don't want this to appear in your column...", Bob has threatened to tone it down a bit.
SMR: Skillings Mining Review Weekly publication from Minnesota traditionally strong on the iron and steel industry, midwest Cu and heavy stuff you need to ship through the Great Lakes and out the St. Lawrence on boats. Nice product, slick look, good information, but not too robust on action South of the Border.
MR: The Mining Record Newspaper Weekly newspaper published in Denver by Howell Publishing, the same group that delivers LAMR (see above). This venerable newsrag has been printed since 1889 and varies from typical editions with about the same amount of fiber as a Denny's placemat to special editions cranked out for trade shows that use enough timber for each copy to clearcut a good acre. Most of Howell's Mexico stuff comes out once a month in LAMR. Good for weekly look at stock prices.
NMN: The Northern Miner Newspaper A weekly staple of our industry for as long as there has been a junior mining industry. Good stuff on Mexico appears regularly.
PROSP: The Prospector Exploration and Investment Bulletin Delivered in daily, weekly or 6x/yr. Best access to this information stream is through it's daily updates on