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NOTE: IMDEX/Cascabel regards all data submitted electronically as confidential, but if you still want more assurance, then keep the responses below general enough so that we can get a good enough idea about your mineral property to execute a formal Confidentiality Agreement. If you wish to review a copy of our standard Confidentiality Agreement, then print off a copy and take a look at it. Under those terms we hope you can feel good about us reviewing any data you may have to offer. The only required input in the form below is enough information that allows us to get back in touch with you and provides us sufficient reason to do so. 


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Please don't feel obligated to give us detailed location information, but please at least tell us which State it is in and give us some idea of the infrastructure .... can you drive there or do you have to ride a mule?  (The more accurately you describe your property's location, the better we can evaluate it's potential with respect to information on other mines or mineral occurrences in the same general area that we already may have information on.)

You do not need to give us Title numbers yet, but please let us know if the claim is up to date, or behind in taxes, comprobaciones etc..... or if there is any underlying deal existing on the property. Any comments on surface ownership are also extremely helpful For example is the area ejido property or under private ownership by a 3rd party such as a local a rancher etc.

Describe the general property situation. (Examples: It is a vein that averages around 3 m wide and you can trace it on the surface for 700 m. There is an old shaft 25 m deep with one level 20 m down that was worked along the vein for 55 m. Or alternatively,  There are just some old prospect pits at the surface with no real shafts or workings.).  Have any samples been taken? Has there been any prior drilling or exploration by other mining companies etc. When was the last exploration or mining done and, if known, ho did it? Are there any geologic reports, maps or assay results available for inspection?

Please have IMDEX/Cascabel contact me as soon as possible.

Use the space below to tell us anything else you think is important about you or your property. You can also use this space to let us know how and when it is most convenient  to contact you.

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