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IMDEX/Cascabel's "Un-Official Directory"
Compaņias Activas 2001-2005
Admiral Bay Resources Inc.
Alamos Gold Inc.
Almaden Minerals Ltd.

American Gold Capital Corporation
Amarc Resources Ltd.

Amerix Precious Metals Corporation
Anglo American PLC
Apex Silver Mines Limited

Apollo Gold Corporation
Aquiline Resources Inc.   (Interests have been focused on PGM in Canada)
Ascot Resources Ltd. 
Atna Resources Ltd.

Auramex Resource Corp.
Aurcana Corporation

Aurea Mining Company
Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd.
AZCO Mining Inc.  (Passively involved in Piedras Verdes while PD does heavy lifting)

Aztec Copper Inc.

NOTE: companies listed with strikethrough appear to be presently inactive in Mexico based on lack of any Mexico-related press releases in last couple of years

Compaņias Dormidas, que se fueron ķ totalmente muertas
Alberta Diamondfields Inc. (Changed name Aug 21, 2002 to Delray Ventures Inc.)
Alchemy Ventures Ltd.  (Interests now focused on kaolin in Idaho) 
Amerigo Resources Ltd.  (Formerly Golden Temple Resources Ltd.)
AngloGold Ashanti Ltd. (Interests now focused elsewhere in world)
Anooraq Resource Corporation  (Interests have been focused on PGM in S. Africa)
Arcturus Ventures Ltd.  (Formerly Arcturus Resources Ltd.)
Argent Resources Ltd.  (Primary focus is in Canada not Mexico anymore
ASARCO Incorporated.  (Acquired 100% by Grupo Mexico in November 1999)
Aspen Exploration Corp.  (Privately held company that keeps pretty quiet)
Atlas Mining Company  (Not much news lately)
Attwood Gold Corporation (Renamed Dynasty Motorcar Corp. after reverse takeover)
Augusta Resource Corp.  (Focused on regional diamond play in Nunuvut w/Ashton Mining)
Aurado Exploration Ltd.  (Changed name July 30, 2003 to Aurado Energy Inc. (oil & gas))
Aurizon Mines Ltd.  (Interests have been focused on Abitibi - Casa Berardi)
Aztec Silver Corporation  (Not much news lately)

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