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Compaņias Activas 2001-2005
Calypso Acquisition Corp.
Cambior Inc. 
Can-Cal Resources Ltd.
Canarc Resource Corp.
Canasil Resources Inc.
Canplats Resources Corporation
Canyon Resources Corporation
Capital Gold Corp. 
Capstone Gold Corp.  
Cardero Resource Corp.

Castle Rock Resources
CDG Investments Inc.
Cerro de Mercado S.A. de C.V.                    
Chesapeake Gold Corp.
Columbia Metals Corporation Ltd.
Comaplex Minerals Corp.
Cominco Ltd.  (Now officially merged w/ Teck to become Teck-Cominco)
    Coniagas Resources Ltd.
Constellation Copper Corporation 

Cons. Jaba Inc. (Proposed name change to Dundareve Resources)
Continuum Resources
Copper Ridge Explorations Inc. 
Corex Gold Corp.
Corner Bay Silver Inc.  (Now officially merged w/ Pan American Silver)
Corporativo Minero S.A. de C.V.
Compaņia Fresnillo listed under Industrias Peņoles
Compaņia Minera Autlan

Cream Minerals Ltd.  

NOTE: companies listed with strikethrough appear to be presently inactive in Mexico based on lack of any Mexico-related press releases in last couple of years.

Compaņias Dormidas, que se fueron ķ totalmente muertas
Calais Resources Inc.  (Effective 06/00 terminated all interests in Mexico)
Cameco Corporation  (Uranium focus does not extend to Mexico)
Campbell Resources Inc.
  (Sold all assets to Queenstake 09/01 and bailed out of Mexico)
CanAlaska Ventures Ltd.
  (Focused on diamond and PGM exploration in Canada)
 Canasia Industries Corp  (Deemed as inactive company since May 1999)
Canmex Minerals Corporation  (Bagged Boleo in August 1999, Relinquished interests in 2003)
Canmine Resources
  (Focused on Ni and Co in Manitoba and Quebec)
Central Minera Corporation 
(Formerly Delgratia Mining Corp.)
Champion Resources Inc.  (Attention now directed towards phosphates in Guinea-Bissau)
Chapleau Resources Ltd. (Only involved indirectly via Far West Mining Ltd.)
Choice Resources Corp.  (Formerly Cons. Viscount Resources Ltd.)
Claimstaker Resources Ltd.  (Officially became J-Pacific Gold on 09/05/01)
Coeur D'Alene Mines Corporation  (Skipped Mexico and headed straight to Bolivia)
Condor Goldfields Inc.
 (Changed business focus to oil & gas sector)
ConSil Corporation  (Company sitting on shelf waiting for prices to improve)
Cons. AGX Resources Corp.  (Formerly AGX Resources, Agincourt Explorations etc.)
Cons. Global Minerals Ltd.
  (Attention now on the Djebba Zn-Pb Project in Tunisia)
Cons. Golden Quail Resources Ltd.
(Not doing anything in Mexico. Cash shortage?) 
Cons. Golden Thunder Resources Ltd. (Focused on China, dropped interests in Mexico) 
Cons. Logan Mines Ltd.  (Changed name Jan 30, 2002 to Logan Resources Ltd.)
Cons. Magna Ventures  Ltd.  (Left mining sector, changed name to Skinny Technologies Inc.)
Cons. Norsemont Ventures Ltd. 

Cons. Pine Channel Gold Corp. (Vended Mexican interests to Tyler Resources)
Cons. Spire Ventures Inc.  (Changed name Jan 4, 2001 from Spire Ventures Inc.)
Cons. Thunderbird Projects Ltd.
  (Left mining and changed name to Jenosys Enterprises Inc.)
Copper Creek Ventures Ltd.  (Changed business focus to oil & gas sector)
Coral Gold Resources Ltd.  (Major focus is Pipeline Deposit in NV and Cortez JV)
Crown Resources Corporation
  (Magistral del Oro Tailings Project on indefinite hold?)
CSG Resources Ltd.  (Left mining and changed name to Artgallerylive.com Mgmt.)
Cusac Gold Mines Ltd.
  (Attention now directed towards Table Mountain, Canada etc.)

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