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IMDEX/Cascabel's "Un-Official Directory"
Compaņias Activas 2001-2005
Oremex Resources Inc.
Oro Gold Resources Ltd.
Orko Gold Corporation

NOTE: companies listed with strikethrough appear to be presently inactive in Mexico based on lack of any Mexico-related press releases in last couple of years.

Compaņias Dormidas, que se fueron ķ totalmente muertas
Orcana Resources Limited
(Oro Bravo Resources Ltd. changed name to) Bravo Resources Partners Inc.
Ormonde Mining Plc. (No longer in Mexico, primary interests now in Spain)
(Orogrande Resources Inc. changed name to) Volcanic Metals Exploration Inc.
Orvana Minerals Corp.
Otish Mountain Exploration Inc. (Formerly President Mines Ltd. now just diamonds)
Outokumpo Mines Ltd.

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