Quote cgi test for AVJ

                WORKS: Pulls up a  delayed quote from qs.secapl.com

Canada Stockwatch stock cgi test for AVJ

                WORKS: Pulls up 12 month chart from Canada Stockwatch

  Edgar Online cgi test

                SEC Filings for American listed stocks only via www.edgar-online.com

  Stockhouse cgi test for AVJ

                This is the site with bulletin boards and advanced charting abilities at
                Also handles Canadian OTC, AMEX, NASDAQ and NYSE charts

StockMaster cgi test for AVJ

                Nice charts and quotes site  at site www.stockmaster.com 
                set up to handle Canadian listed companies via "C:" prior to symbol (i.e. C:KPG) 

Stockscape cgi test for AVJ

                Goes to newsheadquarters at stockscape.com to pull links to all recent press releases
                This is the same place that opens as home page MiningStockHQ