Adios Muchachos.  Golden Temple has changed its' name to Amerigo Resources Ltd. along with a 1 for 5 rollback (07Mar02), sold all its Mexican holdings to International Croesus Ventures Corp. (13Mar02) and bailed for the Great White North.

Ex- Amerigo Resources Ltd.               [ARG:TSX-V]  

In it's legal action against Golden Temple and Templo Dorado, IMDEX/Cascabel settled out of court for 200,000 shares of GTM plus delivery of a complete set of data generated on the VMS properties delivered to GTM under a Finder's Fee Agreement with IMDEX/Cascabel. According to a November 23, 2001 press release GTM's lawyer's estimate this settlement of outstanding debt is equal to around $120,000 CDN or shares deemed to have a value of 0.60 CDN.  

Wholly-owned Mexican subsidiary is Templo Dorado S.A. de C.V.

Changed name from Consolidated First Northern Developments Inc on 15Mar96 along with a 5 for 1 rollback of outstanding shares. Trading was halted on 13Nov97 and reinstated on 18Feb99 following corporate reorganization. In accordance with the companies agreements and (VSE) Exchange policy, Robin W.C. Levell, Daryl Hoffman, Sheila Smith and Douglas Reid are no longer acceptable to the VSE to be involved in any capacity in the affairs of any listed company.

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The company had 19 mineral claims in central Mexico grouped into three properties. Two of these three were under option to Minerales Noranda S.A. de C.V.

Apolo/Venus Property, Jalisco State. (NOTE: This is same area presented to previous GTM management under a Finder's Fee Agreement with IMDEX/Cascabel). Signed agreement on these 2 adjacent base-metal properties located at the NE end of the former Leon-Guanajuato Mineral Reserve and optioned same to Noranda. Sampling on Apolo (9,346 ha.) and Venus (1,100 ha.) shows 2.3m true thickness of 1.64% Cu, 0.6 gpt Au and 13.2 gpt Ag (weighted average of 5 channel samples - no dimensions provided as to size of prospective zone). Seeking private placement of 1.1M special warrants at $0.65. Formal title to Apollo claim (8,500 ha) was received in early October. a 1:2000 scale mapping program has been finished in the Los Gavilanes area. Regional geological mapping and stream sediment sampling (Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag) are 60% complete. Recently Noranda acquired 4 additional claims totaling 402 Ha within the area of mutual interest. Noranda has had an ongoing program in place since August, 1998 and has spent in excess of $360,000 Cdn. A contract with High Sense Geophysics for 161 sq km to be flown by helicopter EM, proton magnetometer and radiometrics at a 200m line spacing for a total of 905 line km has been completed. Simultaneously a ground IP survey between the Los Gavilanes and Cerro Colorado areas was carried out by Pacific Geophysical Ltd. This same zone was the focus of a 987 sample soil survey. Program is commenced in April, 1999. Drilling is planned for July, 1999 and commenced near the end of the month. A ten-hole 2000m program is designed to focus on the Los Gavillanes area on coincident IP, magnetic and resistivity anomalies with rough dimensions of 1000m by 700m located SE of the Gavillanes tunnel. Within this property, high-grade boulders of massive sphalerite were discovered at the Mandufo Prospect in mid-1999.

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El Gordo/Kabah Property, Guanajuato. Near Leon and located on SE end of the Leon-Guanajuato Mineral Reserve as 2 properties listed below. IMMSA and Penoles "won" the lotteries for the two fraccions of the reserve that were auctioned off in mid-1998. Penoles paid $1.2M (w/2.5% nsr) for theirs and IMMSA paid $2.3M (w/2.5% nsr) on theirs. GTN acquired their property acquired through staking. Signed option with Noranda on property that has 50 meter wide massive to semi-massive sulfides outcropping in creek bed. Thought to occur in same stratigraphy as Zacatecas volcanogenic massive sulfide discoveries. Noranda can earn up to 70%. Kabah claim (1490 ha) which adjoins El Gordo and has been optioned to Noranda as a package. Drilling planned for July, 1999. A 5 hole program totaling 1,250m commenced October, 1999. Noranda drilled about 16 holes and spent $700,000 Cdn on the project over a two year period. The most notable intersection was 9.3m of 0.35 gpt Au, 33.5 gpt Ag, 4.3% Cu (Hole EG-00-03). Noranda dropped the property back to Golden Temple and sent them the database. 

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Dios Me Ayuda, Jalisco. GTM Terminated it's interest in this property as of November, 2001. 

A VMS property in southwestern Jalisco State. Field crews mobilized on 27Sep00. The management of Golden Temple is pleased to announce the successful completion of a first phase work program on the Dios Me Ayuda property, a Kuroko-type volcanogenic massive sulphide target in Jalisco State, Mexico.  Geological mapping identified four stratiform sulphide occurrences with the largest being intermittently exposed over a distance of approximately 2.5 km. The mineralization consists of massive to semi-massive and disseminated pyrite that is exposed in outcrops up to 50 metres in thickness. Massive barite is locally associated with the mineralization along with occasional zinc-oxide staining and sphalerite.  The stream sediment survey revealed ten drainages anomalous in copper and/or barium with individual values up to 170 ppm copper and 400 ppm barium. These anomalies form a four kilometre long zone that is coincident with the trend of the stratiform sulphide occurrences. Weakly anomalous zinc values (up to 162 ppm) occur in streams surrounding this central zone. The Cretaceous Tecalitan Formation, host to volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits of the Bramador, Cuale and La Minita districts, underlies the property. Porphyritic andesite forms the base of the stratigraphy and is overlain by black argillite and locally by a volcanic breccia of intermediate composition. The breccia immediately underlies argillite-hosted massive and semi-massive sulphide mineralization exposed in a road cut
and in a creek. The black argillite is locally interbedded with felsic pyroclastic rocks and flows and with a siliceous exhalite. A follow-up program of detailed geological mapping, soil sampling and ground geophysical surveys was planned for the property in 2001 prior to GTM dropping it's interests in this property. 

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Yagul Property, Coahuila. Staking of the Yagul Property, The management of Golden Temple is pleased to announce the acquisition, by staking, of the Yagul Property. The 9,500 hectare claim block is situated approximately 65 km southwest of Monclova, northeastern Mexico, in an emerging zinc district. The Yagul property is prospective for both stratiform copper-type deposits and Mississippi Valley-type lead-zinc deposits.  Initial prospecting on the property has identified stratiform copper mineralization, exposed in four old workings. Analyses of six chip samples returned values of 1.0%, 1.38%, 0.98%, 0.34%, 0.18% and 0.98% Cu. Two old workings containing zinc oxide and associated barite were also sampled. Results of the analyses are summarized in the table below. Samples are rock chip samples with the exception of YAG-17, which is a grab sample from a dump. All samples were analyzed by ALS CHEMEX labs, Vancouver by ICP-AES. Overlimit samples (>1% Cu, Pb or Zn) were re-analyzed by atomic absorbtion spectoscopy (AAS). Copper mineralization occurs in lower Cretaceous sandstone of the San Marcos Formation, while zinc-lead mineralization occurs in the limestone of the overlying Cupido Formation. The Yagul property covers over 20 km of this favorable horizon. The stratigraphy is folded into an overturned anticline, both limbs of which dip shallowly to the north.

Press Release 6March01

Carmen/El Varal Property, Aguascalientes. Land access problems that have prevented the Company from working on the Carmen/El Varal property for the past year have recently been settled. The Company has also learned of two additional sets of underground workings on the property, one of which is rumored to represent the main set of workings. Geological mapping, prospecting and soil sampling are planned for 2001. A 100 Ha property located SE of Francisco I Madero SEDEX property of Penoles and south of San Nicolas VMS Deposit. Collected 18 rock chips and is considering airborne geophysics. Also talking about optioning it to a Mexican Major.

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Formed JV with Canmex Minerals Corp. on Punta Concepcion concession near Mulege, Baja California. Could have earned up to 50% interest in this Cu-Co property located at S end of Boleo District. However, GTM has decided to focus on Jalisco and as a consequence has relinquished interest in the Punta Concepcion property in the Boleo District of Baja and terminated the Canmex JV.

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