Tucson, Arizona
Phone (W): (520) 797-1618
FAX: (520) 797-3955


Ph. D. in Geology - 12/89: The Pennsylvania State University. Dissertation Topic: Studies of Disseminated Gold Deposits near Carlin, Nevada: Evidence for a Deep Geologic Setting of Ore Formation.

M.S. in Geology - 12/84: The Pennsylvania State University. Thesis Topic: Geology and Exploration Geochemistry of the Big Creek and Kingston Canyon Areas, Toiyabe Range, Lander Co., Nevada.

Fellowships/Awards: National Science Foundation EAR 8407743 - Carlin Grant `84-'86; USGS "P" Ph. D. Student appt. `84-'86; PSU Mineral Industries Fellowship `82-'83; Anaconda Grant in Aid `80-'82. Best Speaker award Grad. Student Colloquium, 1985.

Amherst College, 1972-1976. Bachelor of Arts in Geology, Cum Laude. Senior Thesis Topic: The Transition from Lower to Upper Sillimanite Zones in Mg-rich and "Normal" Mg/Fe Pelitic Schists from the Farmer's Hill Area, Northwest Maine. Field Camp, 1974: Y.B.R.A., Red Lodge, Montana.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Registered Arizona Professional Geologist #23395

10/88 to present:
IMDEX, Inc., V.P. Exploration. Privately held Arizona corporation formed to explore for precious metal and polymetallic deposits in Mexico on a consulting and/or contract basis. IMDEX works in Mexico via its subsidiary Cia. Minera Cascabel SA. de C.V. where CAK is Jefe de Geologia. IMDEX/Cascabel also provides consulting services in the U.S. and elsewhere in Latin America. Since 1988 work has included Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatamala and Mali, West Africa. CAK also conducts industry seminars on "Carlin-Type" gold deposits and gold mineralizing systems in general as well as specialized consulting work on possible "Carlin-Type" gold mineralization around the world.

WESTMONT MINING COMPANY: Contract exploration geologist doing fieldwork in western AZ on detachment and FeOx-bearing gold deposits.

09/85- 03/88
Consulting Geologist working on sediment-hosted precious metals deposits. Work included short courses and lectures: Clients included FMC Gold Co., Penn State Univ. Colorado School of Mines

1983- 1986 (intermittent)
USGS WESTERN MINERALS RESOURCE GROUP, Menlo Park, CA . Member of disseminated gold research group headed by William C. Bagby. Responsible for detailed research on East Ore Zone at the Carlin Deposit (basis for Ph.D. dissertation).

1979-1982 (June-November each year):
ANACONDA COPPER COMPANY, Sparks, NV Responsible for sediment-hosted disseminated gold recon program, grass-roots prospect generation and submittal evaluation in north-central NV.
(1981): Exploration for high-level epithermal precious metal deposits in central Great Basin. Toiyabe Project, Lander Co., NV.
(1980) Reconnaissance program for disseminated Au and stratabound W, north-central, NV.
(1979) Designed and conducted Au-W recon program throughout north-central, NV with major target types being stratabound tungsten and sediment-hosted disseminated Au.

1978 (June-August):
ANACONDA COPPER COMPANY, Butte, Montana. Stratabound base-metal exploration in southern Belt Basin, central Montana; also stratabound W in PC gneisses in central Colorado

THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY, Univ. Park, PA. Teaching assistant for several courses and research associate on MRI Fellowship, Anaconda and NSF grants.

1977 (June-August):
PREUSSAG CANADA Ltd. Geologic mapping and geochemical exploration for massive sulfide deposits in the Blue Mts. of eastern Oregon

PREUSSAG A.G. METALL, Goslar, West Germany. (1) Geochemical exploration and mapping throughout NE Bavaria for stratabound WO3 and MVT base-metal deposits; (2) Apprentice mine geologist in two mines in the Harz Mts., RAMMELSBERG (shale-hosted massive sulfide) and HILFE GOTTES (Ag+base-metal vein); (3) Apprentice miner and geologist in deep underground anthracite mine in Ibbenbüren.


GORDON RESEARCH CONFERENCE ON INORGANIC GEOCHEMISTRY, August 16-20, 1993, Session Chairman for Sediment-hosted and mesothermal gold deposits
GOLD-UPDATE `85-86, The University of Southampton, March 24-25, 1986,Southampton, England. Co-author on presentation by A.P. Gize" Fluid inclusion and organic geochemical data on Carlin, Nevada.
THE EPITHERMAL ENVIRONMENT, Society of Economic Geology Short Course, Port St. Lucie, FL, Oct. 24-27, 1985.
GOLD DEPOSIT MODELING IN EXPLORATION, An International Workshop, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO, Sep. 23-25, 1985.
MINERAL DEPOSITS RESEARCH REVIEW FOR INDUSTRY, Penn State University, University Park, PA, April 6-9, 1982.


Global Exploration, 2002: Integrated Methods in Exploration and Discovery: Society of Economic Geologists, SGA, AEG and Society of Exploration Geophysists  Joint Symposium, Apr. 14-16, 2002, Denver, CO.
GIS Workshop on Insight through Integration, April 12-13, 2002. Short course instructors Dr. Gary Raines and Dr. Graham Bonham-Carter
Mexico Mining '99
- Randol International Specialty Conference & Exhibition focusing on Mining, Exploration, Regulations and Doing Business in Mexico, Jan 17-20, 1999, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. *** Oral Presentation: Advanced Projects Ltd.'s Guigui polymetallic project, Santa Eulalia Mining District, Chihuahua
Exploration Methods '98 - Pathways to Discovery: SEG, AEG and USGS Joint Symposium, Jan. 27-30, 1998, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
SEG Field Conference on Carlin-Type Gold Deposits, Oct. 16-18, 1997, Elko, Nevada
Mexico Mining '97 - Randol International Specialty Conference & Exhibition focusing on Mineral Exploration in Mexico, Jan 12-15, 1997, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. *** Oral Presentation: Recent Major Gold Discoveries Just Scratch the Surface.
Geology and Ore Deposits of the American Cordillera: GSN Symposium, Apr. 10-13, 1995, Reno/Sparks, NV. Leader for Field Trip "G": Gold and Copper Deposits of Sonora Mexico and Bisbee, AZ.
Bootprints Along the Cordillera - Porphyry Copper Deposits from Alaska to Chile: AGS, USGS and SME Joint Symposium, Oct 5-7, 1994, Tucson, AZ.
Integrated Methods in Exploration and Discovery: SEG, AEG and USGS Joint Symposium, Apr. 17-20, 1993, Denver, CO.
Geology and Ore Deposits of the Great Basin: GSN Symposium Apr. 1-5, 1990, Reno/Sparks, NV. Field Trip 12: Geology and Ore Deposits of the Carlin Trend. Bulk-Mineable Precious Metal Deposits of the Western United States: GSN Symposium Apr. 6-8, 1987, Reno, NV.
American Current Research on Fluid Inclusion, New Mexico Inst. of Mining and Technology: Socorro, NM, Jan. 5-7, 1987. *** Oral Presentation: Temporal Framework and Fluid Evolution at the Carlin Gold Mine.
Gold `86, An International Symposium on the Geology of Gold Deposits: Toronto Ontario, Canada, Sep. 28-Oct. 2, 1986.
SEPM. Research Conference: Fluid Inclusions in Sedimentary Rocks - Problems and Prospects: Lost Valley Ranch, CO, Oct. 14-18, 1984.
USGS Short Course in Fluid Mineral Equilibria in Hydrothermal Systems, R.W. Henley and A.H. Truesdell instructors: Menlo Park, CA, June 4-8, 1984.
Mackay School of Mines Invitational Research Conference on Brecciation and Mineralization - Geologic Occurrence and Genesis: Colorado Springs, CO, Dep. 18-22, 1983. *** Oral Presentation: Brecciation in sediment-hosted jasperoids, fluid inclusions and gold deposits.


1978-1986: PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY, teaching assistantships
GEOSC 451: Economic Geology (four semesters)
GEOSC 457: Exploration Geochemistry
GEOSC 20: Introductory Physical Geology (three semesters)
GEOSC 24: Rock and Mineral Identification

Organized and led the following graduate level seminars:
Conceptual Models in Applied Exploration Geology (1978)
Epithermal Precious Metals Systems I: Theory (1983)
Epithermal Precious Metals Systems II: Case Studies (1983)
Geothermal Systems and Epithermal Ore Deposits (1984)


Geological Society of America (GSA)
Society of Economic Geologists (SEG)
Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA)
American Institute of Mining Engineers (SME/AIME)
Asociacion de Ingenieros de Minas, Metalurgisticas y Geologos de Mexico (AIMMGM)
Association of Exploration Geochemists (AEG)
Denver Regional Exploration Geologists Society (DREGS)
Geological Society of Nevada (GSN)
Arizona Geological Society (AGS)
International Liaison Group on Gold Mineralization (ILLGM)
Nation Association of Self Employed (NASE)

Fluent speaking and reading comprehension of German. Moderate/intermediate speaking and reading comprehension of Spanish via 12 years working in Mexico through IMDEX/Cascabel.


Birth Date: Sep. 30, 1954. 5'10", 210 lbs. Health excellent. Married with two children, both girls, ages 14 and 12 years. Wife is Associate Professor at University of Arizona (Tucson) in the Division of Family Studies and Consumer Resources.


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