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Compaņias Activas 2001-2005

Iciena Ventures Inc.
IMMSA (Minera Mexico is the Mining Division of Grupo Mexico)
Impact Minerals International Inc.
Industrias Peņoles
Interactive Exploration Inc.
Intl. Coromandel Resources Ltd. (Changed name to Sonora Gold Corp. in August, 2004)
Intl. Croesus Ventures Corp.
Intl. Northair Mines Ltd.
Intrepid Minerals Corporation

ISPAT International

NOTE: companies listed with strikethrough appear to be presently inactive in Mexico based on lack of any Mexico-related press releases in last couple of years.

Compaņias Dormidas, que se fueron ķ totalmente muertas
(ICAN Minerals Ltd. changed name to)  Net Resources Inc.
Idaho Consolidated Metals Corp. (Changed name to Beartooth Platinum on 24July02)
Imperial Metals  (looking south from north of the border)
Independence Mining Company  (wholly-owned by AngloGold Ltd.)
Independence Resources Inc.  (plans name change to iLoveTV Interactive Inc.)
Inmet Mining Corporation (apparently not active in Mexico since late '90s)
Intercontinental Mining Corp.  (proposed name change and 4 to 1 rollback)
Intl. Butec Industries Corp. (Changed name to WebSmart.com, Inc. on 17Oct00)
Intl. Capri Resources Ltd. (delisted on 03/02/00 changed to Apiva.com Web Corp.) 
Intl. Coromandel Resources Ltd.  (picked up pieces around Santa Gertrudis)
Intl. Comstock Exploration Ltd. (Changed name to Secureview Systems Inc. on 10Oct01)
Intl. Curator Resources Ltd.  (bailed on Boleo now focused on shear-hosted Au in Canada)
Intl. Riley Resources Ltd. (Changed name to Wind River Resources Ltd. on 22Nov01)
Intl. Skyline Gold Corporation (amalgamated w/Copper Mountain and not active in Mexico)
Island-Arc Exploration Inc. (bailed on Boleo now working in NF on polymetallics)

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