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IMDEX/Cascabel's "Un-Official Directory"
Compaņias Activas 2001-2005

National Gold Corporation  (merged with Alamos to form Alamos Gold Inc.)
Negociacion Minera Santa Maria de la Paz
Nevada Pacific Gold Ltd.
New Bullet Group Inc.
Newcoast Silver Mines Ltd.
Newmont Mining Company
Noranda Inc.
Nyco Minerals Inc.

NOTE: companies listed with strikethrough appear to be presently inactive in Mexico based on lack of any Mexico-related press releases in last couple of years.

Compaņias Dormidas, que se fueron ķ totalmente muertas
Nevada Colca Gold Inc.   (private company from Nevada operating in Sonora)
Nevada Star Resource Corp.   (had some placers on Rio Yaqui and also Trincheras District)
New Meridian Mining Corporation  (Formerly Eastern Meridian Mining Corp.)
New Shoshoni Ventures Ltd.  (Formerly Cons. Shoshoni Gold Inc.)
Nord Pacific Limited   (delisted July 26, 2002 now merged with Allied Gold Ltd.)
Nordic Gold Corporation   (was working in Sonora, not much action)
North Mining Inc.   (now part of Rio Tinto Group?)
Novagold Resources Inc.   (very active in Alaska and Yukon - nada in Mexico)
Nu-Vision Resource Corp.
  (Formerly Visionary Mining )
Nustar Resources Inc.   (mostly active in Canada at the moment)

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